Day 22

On Monday nights, my family and I head over to the Tracy Towers’ community room to learn and practice Vee Jitsu 75, a martial arts form composed of Tae Kwon Do and a mixture of various self defense fighting styles.   At the end of each class, Shihan encourages everyone to write and/or draw the movements they have learned.  These drawings capture our Shihan demonstrating an […]

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Day 17

These drawings took place in three different locations. The first top three were drawings I made of students while they were working on their projects: quiet, but intense. The next three drawings were made at Whole Foods upstairs. The two men were looking at computers and the couple were very involved with each other; united, […]

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Day 16

For this colorful exercise, I made a vignette drawing of a beautiful display of flowers. I couldn’t think of anything more colorful than blooming summer flowers. I loved pairing and mixing colors. Art by Despina Georgiadis. Exercise in Book: Carousel Painting/Drawing, p 49/50     To celebrate the launch of Veronica Lawlor’s A Drawing A […]

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Day 15

Sketchbook Skool - Eddie Peña Day 15

My local fruits and vegetables stand has the most vibrant produce by the entrance. The peppers caught my eye, so I stopped to draw them. Then, I began to get the oddest looks from customers. They were unsure about why I was drawing peppers. Maybe some people thought there was something wrong with the peppers. That made me […]

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Day 4

Sketchbook Skool -Margaret Hurst Day 4

Bernie Sanders was on television one night, backing Hillary Clinton’s run for her election for president of the United States. I couldn’t resist drawing Bernie’s hand motion as he spoke about backing Hillary for the election. He motions his hands the same way every time when he is driving home a point! I couldn’t separate […]

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