Day 8: Portraits in Different Mediums

ODAD Assignment - Day 8

Today I drew Erica, the model, using different mediums. Funny how this assignment worked on me. I wrote it for the One Drawing A Day book based on something that Eddie Peña had drawn, but had never done the assignment myself. Each medium created a different idea as I drew! the charcoal felt very massive and blocky, the conte pencil reminded me of Greek vases, so I stylized a bit, and the pen and ink got flowy and romantic. And then I couldn’t resist mixing the charcoal and ink for the last one…:) Fun assignment! And always a good time when I’m drawing in the studio with my Studio 1482 friends and a great model like Erica.
Art by Veronica Lawlor.
Original assignment: Drawings of my Abuelo, page 30/31



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