Day 6: The Backyard

Sketchbook Skool - Dominick Santise Day6

I am constantly looking out the window from my studio at, or walking under, the tree in my backyard and thinking one day I will stop and draw, just for the fun of it. I can’t claim any sort of green thumb—is that phrase still used in the world of green living these days—but I have slowly formed and pushed various living organisms into some order, with plenty of foliage to be sketched. Squirrels run along the fence, birds—tons of birds—fly over, stop by or set up home on this small plot behind the house. So when I pulled the short stick for working with graphite—something I rarely do—I knew what the subject would be. I can’t say I am a convert, but as with any exercise like this it opened my mind and hand to fun alternatives, reminding me I had so many supplies buried on shelves and so much outside my window to draw.
Art by Dominick Santise.
Exercise in Book: Longwood Gardens, p 26/27



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