Day 18

I set out to find some people engaged, so I figured what better place than a bar. There are always people there and they’re always talking. With fountain pen and a brush marker in hand I spotted 3 friends having a very animated conversation over Saturday afternoon cocktails. I watched them for a while and thought about how to visually communicate the scene. The woman on the left was leading every conversation, and while I couldn’t hear what she was saying, the constant smile and moving hands seemed to suggest it was an exciting little story.  The man on the far right could barely contain himself, covering his mouth to keep his laughing under control.  That cannot be said about the woman in the middle. She hardly said a word, but had a laugh that threatened to shatter all the glasses at the center of the drawing! What’s better than people watching/drawing?
Art by Greg Betza.
Exercise in Book: Sign Language, p 54/55



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