Day 17

These drawings took place in three different locations. The first top three were drawings I made of students while they were working on their projects: quiet, but intense. The next three drawings were made at Whole Foods upstairs. The two men were looking at computers and the couple were very involved with each other; united, to say the least! The last gentleman was drawn in the subway station. He had all his belongings with him, so I am assuming he was homeless. I really enjoyed making these drawings. Even though we are all human we are all so different!
Art by Margaret Hurst.
Exercise in Book: Faces, p 52/53



To celebrate the launch of Veronica Lawlor’s A Drawing A Day Sketchbook Skool klass, the studio 1482 members are doing the exercises from our book One Drawing A Day: A Six Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media. Join us on Facebook!

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