Day 19: Java Junkies

The assignment was to find a place where it was easy to find folk standing in profile all facing in the same direction. There’s been a lot of coffee talk in the studio lately discussing the best “cup of joe” in the morning. In all honesty, before this summer I never drank coffee before. So I decided to spend an hour in Starbucks to see what kind of personalities I’d see craving the java. What I discovered is it’s actually a culture that invites anyone who’s willing to participate… make it a tall or grande, a mocha latte, Americana or simply black, no sugar. None of it matters…. once in line, you’re in the club waiting alongside all sorts of kindred souls! …and Oh boy…were they serious about their mission!!
Art by Michele Bedigian, medium: Pen and ink, graphite pencil, and a bit of cut paper
Exercise in Book: Music Lovers, p 56/57


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