Day 20: Spirit of Beacon Day Parade

There actually was a parade in town, go figure (an inside joke for those who have followed the original exercise in the book). After parking the car in the nearest spot I could find (home counts doesn’t it?) I walked over to Main Street and scoped out a place to draw from, knowing I had little time before the procession made its way up to me. I love parades. Large and small, there is this magic to them mixed with confusion and pageantry and so many chaotic but beautiful moments that I am entranced by. Pen and ink in hand I drew frantically as the streets became crowded, thrilled to see bagpipers leading close to the front. In years past I have walked alongside the parade, which made it seem that much longer. Sitting there waiting for it to arrive and drawing as it passed by I realized just how short the moment can be. The day was over before I realized.
Art by Dominick Santise.
Exercise in Book: Spectators, p 58/59



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