Day 12: In True New York Spirit

Sketchbook Skool - Michele Bedigian Day 12

In October 2001, there was a tree discovered at Ground Zero severely damaged, but alive with snapped roots and burned and broken branches. Standing between the east side of the World Trade Center and St.Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church Wall Street not much else lived thru the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in the vicinity. The Callery Pear tree became known as the “Survivor Tree“. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation did everything they could for years to nurse it back to health from the devastation. After its recovery and rehabilitation, the tree was returned to the Memorial and now blooms annually every April. If you visit the memorial site, you’d find these beautiful new smooth limbs extending from gnarled brutalized stumps, a visible demarcation between the past and the present. It’s truly a New York treasure, a real symbol of hope and healing.
Art by Michele Bedigian, medium: watercolor crayon
Exercise in Book: Thinking of France, p 40/41



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