Day 13: More Fun the Second Time

Sketchbook Skool - Dominick Santise Day 13

When I was going through the exercises that I was given for this fall blog project I started to wonder if I was set up. First graphite, a medium I barely use, and now a line drawing in color, something not seen in my portfolio. Some things come naturally and some do not. As I plotted out to complete this exercise I settled on a location that I loved to draw in, one that I have been drawing for 20 plus years. This is not that drawing. There was nothing wrong said drawing, but it just never felt quite right, and for some reason I was just not enjoying the process. Then one morning, after seeing marks on the road for days, the gas company showed up to start digging up and repairing an old line. Plans for the day went out the window as machinery was unloaded right in front of the house and, while I wasn’t thinking line drawing in color at first, I found myself sitting on my stoop surrounded by crayons and paper. I never even thought about pen and ink, well, not until a few hours later.
Art by Dominick Santise.
Exercise in Book: Line As Color, p 42/43



To celebrate the launch of Veronica Lawlor’s A Drawing A Day Sketchbook Skool klass, the studio 1482 members are doing the exercises from our book One Drawing A Day: A Six Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media. Join us on Facebook!

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