Ahhhhh Paris

Ahhhh Paris/Michele Bedigian


I just loved Dom’s post yesterday. Yet I have to share … At the moment I’m kinda feeling the crunch. Anthropologie just sent out a blast titled “5 more sleeps till Christmas!” Really, did you have to?

So I’m taking a break (as brief as it is) to post a drawing (and it’s thumbnail) that features one of my favorite city’s in the world. Even if it’s a tiny window of fantasy, I can smell the bread baking now. Have a peaceful weekend. – Michele

Art in graphite and crayon

My favorite time of year


There will never be enough time in the day. This is never more apparent than during the holiday season. I wish the days could just slow down to a crawl. I love everything about the lead up, and everything about the time after. Forget the day itself, that could last forever. So as I ponder the next week I look forward to all those moments that sneak in and remind me of everything I have and I hope I can carve that memory into my brain so later in the year, when what I don’t have seems more important, I remember that maybe I can make it last a little longer. —Dominick

I Miss You




I miss my spring flowers!

Colored pencils & Carandache.

Eddie Peña


Veronica Lawlor chalk and pastel

Here is another pastel drawing I made while visiting Sedona with fellow 1482-er Margaret Hurst a few years ago. What a gorgeous place – the landscape is so beautiful you almost can’t believe it’s real! There are supposedly areas in Sedona called ‘vortexes’ where you can feel some kind of gravitational pull of the Earth. All over the mountains, you can see people standing around, waiting to feel the pull of the vortex. I don’t know about that, I never felt it, but the pull of the gorgeous landscape is trying to draw me back to Arizona. So I can do more drawing. ; ) Posted by Veronica.

Venetian Pigeons



Going through some sketch books and came across a drawing of pigeons in Venice, Italy. There really were a lot of pigeons/doves. Honest. It was crazy! I loved it!

Margaret Hurst



Watercolor on paper ~Despina

To Hair or Not to Hair


Greg Betza line drawing portraitsI found this spread in my sketchbook and thought it was interesting how on one page I decided to cover all traces of hair by drawing these fully “capped” men, and then on the next page I’m practically combing these guys with my pencil. Who knows what goes through your mind when your drawing!

Here is a link to some of my other drawings of people on trains and buses. http://www.gregbetza.com/category/reportage/commuters-reportage/

©Greg Betza 2014

Music and Art

music and art/Michele Bedigian


And the band plays on! … As the festivities begin for the holiday fare thought it’d be nice to share a drawing done on New Year’s day on Main Street USA in Disney. Have a magical, stress free weekend. – Michele

What the Elf!


It is funny to watch traditions start and grow right in front of you. You realize quickly that what you once knew as “always” may in fact be younger than you. The day the Elf appeared on our shelf the legend wrote itself. Where will she appear next, did she talk to Santa, did she bring him our letter…all to be answered in a few short weeks. It amazes me more each year how so much heritage evolves from one solitary day, how every little practice we carry with us leads us to a single moment. Seasons greetings to everyone.—Dominick


giraffesI love giraffes, so graceful. – posted by Veronica


Tea Cups


A black and white drawing of the Tea Cups at Fantasy Land at Disney World!

M. Hurst


Model drawing

This is a study of a model’s hands and feet as they move around the model stand. My husband told me it looks like a game of Twister!

©Despina Georgiadis 2014

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Reportage illustration

I’m a Bob Dylan fan. I think he is a genius. AND I finally had the opportunity to see him last Saturday night at the Beacon Theatre in New York City! Not the easiest place to draw as it was very DARK, but between my memory of what he looks like and the little that I could make out on stage I did a few drawings.

It wasn’t the sixties, but it was special. And surreal to watch him sing Blowin’ in the Wind in New York.

©2014 Greg Betza

Winter is upon us


Ok, so we have a few weeks left. And this week hasn’t been so bad. I was told this morning that the already cold (and snowy) New York landscape that we are in for this year is to be followed by the most brutal heat wave of a summer. Just when I let my eco-conscious guard down for a minute I am knocked back into reality. Instead of stressing about it I chose to finish a little blip of a painting I started two months ago. Took a bit to dry, sorry for the late post. —Dominick

for Patty

For Patty

Please consider a donation to Gilda’s Club Westchester, or to Support Connection, two organizations that helped my sister so much. Thank you, Veronica



I drew and then painted with frisking and then painted with watercolor. Serendipitous to say the least! Will definitely try other subject matter with the frisking!

Margaret Hurst

The Beacon Theatre


Went to see Bob Dylan the other night. I was blown away by the theatre. It was so dark during the show it was hard to draw. So I made a couple of drawings during intermission. ~Despina


China drawing by Greg Betza

Another from the vault! This pencil and crayon drawing was made at the China Pavilion down in EPCOT.

Greg Betza ©2014

Oma goes to Paris

Giving Thanks in Paris/Michele Bedigian

“Oma goes to Paris” …sounds like a children’s book in the making. In reality “Oma” is a very very dear family friend who just left a few days back to visit with her son in Paris during this Thanksgiving holiday. While she was packing I spoke with her on the phone and she shared her concerns about spending an American holiday in Paris. She was so worried she wouldn’t be able to harvest the traditional fixins’ like jellied cranberry sauce.

Hmmm?? Jellied cranberry sauce in Paris?? SO, this was her solution … in all of Oma’s glorious way she shared that she resorted to smuggling it in her luggage as a kind of “insurance policy” so her Thanksgiving wouldn’t be ruined. On one hand who could blame her. On the other, Paris breathes culinary excellence at every corner. It is a global gastronomy dream. Imagine what they’d say to jellied cranberry sauce? … now that’s a children’s book in the making if I ever saw one! LOL – Happy holiday weekend! – Michele

Thanksgiving blessings


The moment always seems to arrive sooner than expected. But that is life. I’ve actually planned for this post for some time. I wasn’t expecting the snow, for which I am always thankful for, so the color and the subject might be out of place for those in southern New York or on the East coast today, but as the autumn enters its final month there were a few last moments to be captured. A blanket of snow before December is rare, though it has happened a few times in the last couple of years. I am thankful for all of those moments that we don’t usually get while life is moving along. I am warm and safe and I am thankful for that. Not everyone is today and we must always remember that. I am thankful for my family and friends and the moments we will share in the coming month or two that will hopefully remind us that we need to get together more throughout the year. I am thankful for all of the interruptions that keep me grounded each day. I am thankful that I share this life with people I love and look forward to seeing over the coming season. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.—Dominick