Ode to picture making

People Drawing/Michele Bedigian

In a few weeks I’ll be flying down to Florida to join in on an adventurous, rigorous, wonderous and valuable reportage workshop with the Dalvero Academy. In preparation for the trip I’ve pulled out some older drawings to make some plans before my arrival on site. Without a plan (trust me panic sets in real quick!) Above is a little gem I found that incorporates a range of things I need to be reminded of… Ode to the elements of picture making! Have a great Sunday!

Art by Michele Bedigian

A quick study


I found myself sitting around a table, in the aftermath of seven 8-year olds, with palettes full of paint and an empty canvas. In the five minutes before the skies broke and a storm rained down I drew the closest model sitting on the ground unaware of my actions.—Dominick















Interior study. Ink & pen.

Eddie Peña

Sri Krishna Temple, Singapore

vl_sri_krishna_templeThis is a drawing of one of many temples of many different religions that co-exist in Singapore, the Sri Krishna Hindu temple. The old man sitting in front of the temple ran over to see the drawing I made of him. He let me know that my drawing did NOT look like him. Guess what, it does, lol.

I so enjoyed my time in Singapore, and was so happy to teach a workshop at the 6th annual Urban Sketchers Symposium there. Thank you Singapore!



While on the trip to Cuba we drove into the countryside west of Havana. This gentleman was sitting on his bull while his friends were talking on the bench. The tree was huge with its beautiful large green leaves. A beautiful day in Versalles!

m. hurst

Lego time

 Watching kids play with Legos is pretty funny. And very interesting too. Pen on paper. ~Despina

Brussels man

Belgian mustache

I’ve just returned from a trip to Belgium. While enjoying a beer one afternoon I spotted this gentleman sipping a beer too. He deserved it after all of the work it must have take to get that mustache just right!

Greg Betza ©2015

From the ground


Until this day I had never had the desire to ride in a basket (bread goes in a basket, not people), but as the mass of balloons floated over my head at the Dutchess County Balloon Festival and the last one appeared above the heads of the crowds as it was inflated, I found myself trying to figure out how I could get a different view come next year.—Dominick





















Ink drawing at the Tuileries Garden.

Eddie Peña

The Road to Heaven

vl_Masjid-Abdul-GafoorThe road to heaven is paved with shoes, apparently. Even when the pavement is super hot!

Drawn on location at the Masjid Abdul Gafoor mosque, Singapore.

posted by Veronica



Canson has placed the artwork of four Dalvero Academy artists on the covers of their Artboard  pads. I am honored to be one of those artists along with Veronica Lawlor, Julia Sverchuk and Evan Turk! This is my artwork which is on the cover of the Canson Canva Artboards cover. Veronica Lawlor’s artwork is on the Watercolor Artboards cover, Julia Sverchuk’s artwork is on the Mixed Media Artboards cover and Evan Turk’s artwork is on the cover of the Illustration Artboards cover!

m. hurst

Summer reading

Boy sitting on paisley chair doing some summertime reading. Pen on paper. ~Despina

Montclair guitarist

Guitarist by Greg Betza

I was recently out on a reportage assignment drawing in Montclair, New Jersey. During the early afternoon a guitarist began playing on Church Street. He looked a little something like this…

Greg Betza ©2015



Another drawing from last weeks Drawing Social. —Dominick

Dalvero Canson Pads

veronica_canson_dalvero_artCheck your local art store – the Artboard location pads from Canson featuring four of the Dalvero Academy artists have arrived! Above is the watercolor from Amsterdam I did that is on the cover of the, of course, Watercolor pad. :) So nice, and the paper is wonderful too. Other pads are: Canva Artboards, cover by Margaret Hurst; Mix Media Artboards, cover by Julia Sverchuk; and Illustration Artboards, cover by Evan Turk. Yay!

Here’s a preview:






There are many perros y gatos in the streets of Habana. They are sweet, beautiful animals who seek love and warmth and some food, but mostly love and warmth. This little girl came over to me while Ronnie and Julia and I were drawing on the waterfront in Habana. She walked right over and sat on my drawing, put her head down and closed her eyes. I will never forget her. She is in my heart always.

M. Hurst

Geranium elephant

In my yard there are two planters in the shape of elephants. By the shape of their ears I can tell one is African and the other is Indian. The African elephant takes care of my geranium plant. I like to fill my home and yard with things that remind me of people that I love. Geranium isn’t my favorite smelling flower, but I keep it because it reminds me of my grandmother.  Pen and ink drawing by Despina

Greece at the MET

Greek art in my sketchbook

This is a thumbnail drawing from one of my old sketchbooks. I had spent the day looking walking through #Greece (at the Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Greg Betza ©2015

Drawing, friends


Had a great time last night at the Dalvero Drawing Social. Thank you to Ronnie and Margaret for bringing everyone together.—Dominick

Rainy Day in Amsterdam


Just another rainy day on the canal in Amsterdam. Good day to sit and draw. :)

posted by Veronica