Cold Storage


I went to the farm yesterday thinking I would have a moment to draw bit of winter scenery for today’s post. Of course the day goes askew in one way or another and I found myself en route with my drawing materials on my desk at home. I thought I would do a still life with what I picked up in our winter CSA but again but by the time I got home time was no longer on my side. So as I woke up this morning and realized the day had passed, I reached for something to post and found a drawing from a project that has been floating to the top again lately—and apples of all things. A few thumbnails for plates I worked on, forgetting how long ago, for some very dear friends, I hope the skateboarding went well. Yesterday’s to do, check. Now where is that bag of apples from my trip to Fishkill Farms?—Dominick



This past Sunday afternoon, Neil and I took a ride out to the site of the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadow Park, Queens. While Neil practiced skateboarding around the unisphere, I made a drawing of it. Great way to spend some time on a Sunday. Posted by Veronica.

Flowers, Quickly Drawn


A super quick drawing of some flowers! Love drawing flowers!


people watching


I found this woman picking away at a muffin. Had to draw her!


Super Bowl


I really enjoyed Super Bowl 50. I was rooting for the Broncos and hoping for a good game, and both worked out for me. I did this quick drawing of Peyton Manning this morning since it will probably be the last time we’ll see him on the field. Congrats on a great career.

Pen & Ink and marker.

Greg Betza ©2016

Enchanting memory

music and art/Michele Bedigian


Dom’s post yesterday inspired me to pull out and post an oldie, but nostalgic goodie of the band performing on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom seasons back. We’ve both spent many a moments together on these cobblestone streets and each time is unparalleled. I couldn’t have said it any better…all the people, the sounds, the smells—undeniably slows time down. It truly is all that you need to experience a little enchantment in this all too serious world. – Michele



The Magic Kingdom


I never traveled to Disney World as a kid. The truth is as much as I loved Mickey and crew, I grew up in that odd time period where the newer movies were not as epic as they are now and the classics could only be seen in the theater, so I wasn’t inundated with Disney Mania as we know it today. I am sure I wanted to go, but it wasn’t something that was a must, and it wasn’t happening. Seeing Lady and the Tramp in the Bronx when I was kid was unforgettable and a little traumatizing, until the dawn of VHS and I finally realized the movie didn’t end with Trusty saving the day (I hope that is not too much of a spoiler, my apologies if it is, but seriously you should have seen the movie already). Not sure if it was seeing it on the big screen or if it was just one of the first full length features I saw, but it has always been one of my favorites. It would be many years before I ever stepped foot onto Disney land, and I have forever been altered by the experience. It is one of the few places where if you let it, and it is tough not to, reality and fantasy disappear and it is just Disney. I have been many times since and quite honestly, on each visit I find it harder to get beyond Main Street USA. I don’t long for days-gone-by nor do I think I was born in the wrong era but stepping out from under the train station—all the people, all the sounds, all the smells—slows time down and that moment becomes all that you need. Nothing is missing, short of a few dogs running at your feet causing a little mischief. —Dominick

Hillary and Bernie, Bernie and Hillary


I really enjoyed the debate last night between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, vying for the democratic nomination for President of the US. Besides my interest in their positions on the issues, I LOVED drawing their body language! Tells a lot.

I was definitely “feeling the Bern”, as Bernie Sanders was all hand movements and emotional gestures and passionate talk. And I felt that Hillary, all control and direction, was definitely someone who could “get things done.” Will be interesting to follow these two across the country in the next weeks and months, and mostly I’m so glad to see a debate without name calling and other bad behavior. Both candidates, I feel, did well last night.

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posted by Veronica

Sally and Laura


Going home from Brooklyn on the L train Sally and Laura were sitting across from me and I couldn’t resist drawing them! Very quick and very worth it! Thank you Sally and Laura!!!

m. hurst

new studies


Feet and hands from the model this weekend.


In the studio


I spent time with Studio 1482 this weekend for a session of live drawing from the model. Here is a drawing I made of our model in a long African coat and black pants. Happy February!

Greg Betza

Embroidering time

seamstress/michele bedigian

A small drawing of a seamstress I found working on an embroidery in Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. Her focus and grace often reminds me of a treasured measure…when time moved a little slower. – Hope you had a lovely weekend. – Michele

Union Square


One of my favorite places in all of NYC will forever be the 4, 5 and 6 stop at Union Square. For years I would listen to listen to my friend play the steelpan drum. He even offered to teach me one day. I haven’t seen him in years, but I got on the train recently and two young musicians started to play and sing. I’ve seen the pre-pubescent drummer before, though time is showing we have both been riding the line for a while now. I didn’t have much to give, but they made their pass and got off the train at the next stop, 14th Street, Union Square. I smiled and remembered my friend.—Dominick

NYC Commuter

IMG_1811 (1)

Little India


A panoramic drawing I made last summer in the Little India section of Singapore. What a great city! I was there teaching a workshop at the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium.

I’m happy to say that I have been invited to conduct a workshop at this year’s symposium in Manchester, UK! It’s called “Puzzling Out the Picture,” and we’ll talk about how to bring all the pieces of a busy urban scene together in one picture, with design and dimension. The Symposium will be held from July 27 – 30, 2016. Registration opens Saturday, January 30. Please click HERE for more info. #uskmanchester2016

Model Drawing


Nude model drawing at the Dalvero drawing weekend..

m. hurst

street scenery


A tiny drawing from a tiny sketchbook.





Here is a drawing I made around 2003. Abstract but I always liked the movement that I captured. Dancers are incredible subjects to draw.

Greg Betza ©2016

Two Days Late and a Few Dollars Short


For a few moments on Saturday morning I thought the predictions were being proven wrong, that the path of the storm had pushed north and that I would finally see the ground covered with snow. But the blizzard like scene lasted only minutes and sure enough stalled to a slow and steady dusting. And a dusting it was. I know I am in the minority of those who welcomed two feet of snow, so I beg forgiveness from those who actually got it, but next time can you send the storm a little farther north. Just don’t tell my neighbors.—Dominick


class_02 copy