Sunset in Bali

vl_sunset_bali_rice_fieldsJust your average, every day sunset, over a rice field in Bali. Sigh…

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Sand man

 I made some portraits in the sand while on vacation in Aruba. This is a drawing of my brother with an angry bird on his head. ~despina



Mother and Daughter, ArubaI just returned from a beautiful week in Aruba. Here is a moment I witnessed between a mother and her young daughter building sandcastles on the edge of the calm blue water.

Greg Betza ©2015

big and small_people are people

people/Michele Bedigian


Each in their own world, this “collection of three” was sitting across from me while waiting for the 3:00 parade in the Magic Kingdom last week. People are often the hardest to ever draw. But OH WHAT A BLAST to try! I had so much fun!! Thank you Ronnie, Marg for such an incredible reconnect!

Have a great week ahead – Michele

Steady and quiet


In honor of the vast numbers of little Wild Kratt kids absorbing all the animal knowledge they can on this fine Saturday, a few elephants for scientific observation. Just a subtle turn of the head and shift of the leg and the whole dimension of the space they take up changes. Had a blast on the safari while down in Animal Kingdom with Dalvero last week. More to come.—Dominick

A Grand Ship

The Morgan












Drawing a ship.

Ink and bamboo pen.

Eddie Peña

Searching for a Table

vl_table_searchDisney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando is a popular park in summer time. These people were desperately looking for a free table at which to eat their dinner.

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Gandhi, Sunflowers and Starbucks

M_HURST_GANDHI_STARBUCKSAnother drawing of Mr. Gandhi at Union Square. Many items will often be placed in Mr. Gandhi’s arms: flowers, pizza containers, etc.. On Sunday there was a bouquet of sunflowers placed in a Starbuck’s plastic coffee cup. There was some water placed in the cup to feed the sunflowers. This was placed on Gandhi’s right arm that holds his cane. Usually people place items in his left hand because it is curled and can hold various items. So this was unusual just for that! Anyway, it gave me yet another reason to draw the Gandhi statue in Union Square!

m. hurst

contorted and tattooed

figure drawing by despina georgiadis

Figure drawing from a session at the Society of Illustrators.


My first show in Paris

Drawings of Cinerama and The Wedding Present

Finally! I saw a band, 2 bands actually, play outside of the US! Read more about it on my blog.

Greg Betza ©2015

Aye mariachi


The sweet melodious song carries me away as I stand in front with pen in hand loving every ounce of this special moment. Yes!!! – Michele 

Mexico in Epcot 

One Hot Day


Spending a few days in Florida drawing with Dalvero. Yesterday couldn’t have been a better reminder of the heat and rain and general overall weather that only Mickey and crew can make you forget. Magic doesn’t begin to describe it. —Dominick

Happy Birthday Singapore

vl_singapore_50th_gardensLast weekend marked 50 years since the independence of Singapore, and they had a big party! I missed the party, but was in Singapore a few weeks earlier for the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium, and made the drawing above. It’s the solar powered ‘super trees’  from Gardens by the Bay, a beautiful fantasy-like place that looks more like CGI than anything real. At night they light up in different colors and play music, wow! Anyway, Happy Birthday Singapore, and thank you for hosting the symposium. I enjoyed my stay there!

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One Year Brown’s Death

M_HURST_UNION_SQI happened to be in Union Square on Sunday,  August 9th. It was the one year anniversary of the black, unarmed teenager Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri. A group gathered to talk about the death and the death of many others involving the police. The man on the left in the drawing lost two of his sons to death involving the police. There will be a national march in NYC on Saturday, October 24.

m. hurst

Zinfandel leaves

Pen and ink on paper ~despina 


Reportage drawing by Greg Betza-Étretat
One of the cliffs at Étretat, France. This particular one is said to look like an elephant dipping its trunk into the water.

Greg Betza ©2015

A Yellow Day


Film III Yellow to be exact, but that is not story. I found myself drawing alongside my father the other day, oddly enough 2 years to the day I started documenting him. I pulled up to the shop a “little while” after he did. I couldn’t hear the presses running so I knew I was still on time. I found him prepping for the morning work and I set up my stuff at the end of his press. He told me it was a light day beforehand, so I knew there wouldn’t be any plates being mounted, no cleaning of plates, and for that matter very little color. Other than yellow of course. Flexo ink is not the easiest material to paint and draw with, but I splattered it on and carved in with crayons and pencils. There is a a lot of process in his day, but when you take away the plates and the ink and the dies, you find yourself watching a lot of watching. To date I have found myself reaching for things that I am familiar with, “knowing” his process so well from years of working alongside him. Subtle head movements, the body stance as he is inspecting and looking for errors (he doesn’t make any) and the waving of his arms when the press refuses to cooperate with him. But, while watching, today I thought about what I might be missing. What someone not so familiar with this work, or this man for that matter, might draw. I did some thumbnails as he labored on and thought about the next trip as the day came to a close. We watched a video of newer presses that made set up quick and efficient—kind of like what we used to do before there were youtube videos and we would look at brochures around the lunchroom table. Somethings will always feel like yesterday. —Dominick

Ship Studies










Studies for a whaling ship.

Eddie Peña

Frog in Bali



As I was sitting and painting a koi pond in Bali, this little guy hopped up out of the water to keep me company. :)

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I love to check out the Gandhi statue in Union Square. I was there the other day and decided it had been awhile since I drew Mr. Gandhi, so I decided to draw him, Sunflowers and all!

Margaret Hurst