Pastel drawing by Greg BetzaAlmost that time of year…almost. Here is a drawing made with pastels over a painted ground.

Greg Betza ©2015


Your time will come

Spring in the garden/Michele Bedigian

Last week I posted about snow on the first day of spring. It seems as if Old Man Winter is having a difficult time letting go of the spotlight from the flurries we saw again yesterday here in the city. Above is a watercolor reportage I did at the NYBG a few years back this very week talking about what else but ‘this very thing.’ My notes read, “As the croci begin to peak their heads above ground prepping for their big reveal in a week or two, winter is refusing to rest. … It’s really Ok Old Man Winter. Seasons come and seasons go. Till we meet again. Now shuffle off, if you may.”

Please – Michele


Costly Change of Plans


When one door closes another opens. I value nothing greater than my time, it is the only thing that I really own. I can do what I choose and everything should be by some choice. I waited too long to start one project that I missed the opportunity. Happens all the time but this one keeps popping up in my head. I’ll keep my shoe in the door for a while, but I have moved on to other thoughts. —Dominick


A prayer for Seth Lane.  We wish you and your family the best!Scan 9











Yellow Angel














Ink & colored pencil.

Eddie Peña


Cinderella by Veronica Lawlor

An illustration from the classic tale, Cinderella. Cut paper. LOVED doing these illustrations!! posted by Veronica


Mayflower II and a Whale


So, Dalvero went up to Mystic Seaport a few weeks ago and began reportaging the Mayflower II! So googled the mayflower flower and there were some very interesting definitions and symbols of the flower. One symbolic meaning is that of purification. Purification: the true essence cleanses the heart of negativity and stimulates love and forgiveness. I immediately thought of our relationship to the whale. So we’ll see what develops!

M. Hurst

Thinking man

Despina Georgiadis reportage illustration

Now if I could only remember what he was looking at!

China marker and pencil.




Fashion drawing by Greg BetzaAnother drawing from the Society of Illustrators sketch nights. The lingerie featured was by designers Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson…not too shabby. Click Here for the rest of the drawings from that evening.

Greg Betza ©2015


MB_Bryant Park200907

Did it really have to snow 5 inches here in the city on the first day of spring?  Yearning for the days when the sun kisses you on the shoulder and the breeze can run through your hair whispering ease is in the air. Ahhh for the love of spring…Michele 

Spring is here!


Ok, so the first day of Spring was yesterday and yes, it did snow in New York  and a bit of the Northeast. but it was a warm wet snow. Signs that the thaw is upon us, or rather finishing. In just one short week most of the snow that covered the ground I wasn’t sure still existed had disappeared. By Wednesday this past week I could see what should hopefully be grass within a month or two. This morning I was shoveling again, but by days end the lawn was winning. I love te snow, I love the winter, but long live the sun and Spring.—Dominick















A page out of my sketch pad.

Ink and Pencil: Eddie Peña

Living Leprechaun


You think I’m kidding? There he is.

Was drawing the St. Patty’s Day parade on Tuesday, when I saw a real, live, leprechaun.

Now I’m a believer.

posted by Veronica

see more parade drawings on my blog, here


Foot and Head


A pen and ink drawing of a head and a foot.

Just practicing!!!

M. Hurst

Green but not Irish

Despina Georgiadis olive tree illustration drawing

Irish, Greek. What’s the difference right? Here’s a bit of green for the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day from the famous olive tree of Vouves in Crete. It would’ve been even greener if it wasn’t for the rare heavy snow from this past winter that broke off many of its branches. Gotta love climate change! ~Despina


Drawing by Greg BetzaDuring a drawing session at the Society of Illustrators last Thursday, a photo session was being conducted. They brought in a male model to pose for photos, and while he was up on the stand I decided to paint ink portraits of him. Here is one.

Greg Betza ©2015


people and graphics/Michele Bedigian


This is a detail from an enormous drawing I did last summer, (4′ x 6′ to be exact).  

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a drawing you don’t see the subtlety in moments (or frames) within the “big picture”. It can take time to actually READ YOUR DRAWING and genuinely SEE WHAT IT’S DELIVERED. This small section taught me so much about graphics. I learned if structure is maintained the range of graphics one can introduce to describe a subject is almost endless (a pretty liberating lesson in my book!) – Michele

Have a great drawing week.

The Ides of March…almost


Not sure what this has to do with the Ides of March, most likely nothing. My six years of Latin has been poking it’s head into many aspects of my life lately. Don’t ask me more then ten words, but the literature, the myths, the poetry; I could recite Latin verse for days. OK, maybe not recite, but certainly tell you a myth or two. Ovid was always on the top of the list. Somewhere in a box in the studio is a 24-year-old copy of Metamorphoses. And that is the connection to this drawing. The Latin Connection. In the layers of pencil and ink one drawing became another and a change took place. Color emerged. Shapes changed. This was not natural for me. And so I post.—Dominick

Video Game Concept Art





















Mixed media by: Eddie Peña

Concept art for a video game project.


vl_rocksIt is always interesting to me to see the different personalities that rocks can take on, in different parts of the world. This painting reminds me of both a peaceful moment and a bittersweet memory. Funny how art made on location can carry so many thoughts and feelings.

posted by Veronica