Ink drawing of an african performer.

Eddie Peña


vl_fluking_1_and_2Fluking whale,

Holds the Universe, for just a moment,

And gives it back.

This past weekend, the Dalvero Academy artists attended the Whale Naturalist’s Workshop in Provincetown, Massachusetts. We heard so many presentations about what these wonderful people are doing to help protect the whale species of the North Atlantic, sometimes at  their own personal peril. What an amazing group of dedicated folks.

The last afternoon of the workshop we attended a whale watch voyage, and saw an amazing group of whales – energetic teams of dolphins escorted us out into the Stellwagen Sanctuary, accompanied by slower moving fin whales. We saw minke whales too, and a small group of three humpback whales: a Mama, baby and adolescent friend. Seeing the mother and child fluking together (showing their tail flukes as part of a deep dive) is something I will never forget. Time actually stood still.

I’ll be posting more about this on my personal blog this week.

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The Whale Naturalist Workshop was co-hosted by the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, the Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown, and the WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) group.

Dinosaur bones


Here’s a drawing I made while in the main entrance at the Museum of Natural History with Dominick. While he was seeing birds in the bones, I was getting lost and confused in the them. It was fun! ~Despina



Here is a small drawing I made while visiting Chicago last year. I was trying to convey the gritty feeling I had always associated with that city. But to be honest, it is really quite a beautiful, clean place. The grit was hard to find.

See more drawings from my trip here.

Greg Betza ©2014

Oliver’s sketchbook/take2

mb_Olivers sketchbooktake2

Oliver’s starting to wonder what happens to his work when he goes to sleep at night, lol! It’s the perfect opportunity to tell him I think Jake visits from Neverland while he’s dreaming because he’s such an inspiration. Who know’s? The Easter Bunny might not be too far away ;) – Michele

Going where the day leads me


I started this drawing, the parts in ink, at the AMNH in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda. I put the pad down for a moment and everything changed. I turned the pad around and found birds. Prehistoric birds. A nod to Teddy for reading all about his youthful observation. It must have had an impact because apparently on my way in I missed the current exhibit. Always keep your eyes open.—Dominick

Studying on Main Street

vl_main_street_studyWhile the Dalvero Academy students were drawing on Main Street in DisneyWorld one day, I decided to play around with color and line. Good for the teachers to study too! Plus, it was enjoyable.

Thinking about summers and the ice cream on Main Street makes me smile…

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Whales and Their Tails

Watercolor and pen and ink  and charcoal drawings of whales and their tails. Just thumbnailing a little and playing around with ideas for the Dalvero/Mystic project on whaling and whales.



Following this man’s fingers while he played the piano was nearly impossible. I did my best! Pen and Ink. ~Despina


gb_greg-betza_Japan_landscapeHere is a little Japanese-inspired landscape painting done in ink.
Enjoy your weekend!

©Greg Betza 2014

Great Style


I loved this guy when I drew him. He had so much style. And plenty of attitude. But good attitude. Positive attitude. Proud attitude. —Dominick

Scraping Paint















Scraping the deck.

Black wax pencil.

Eddie Peña

Turtle Surgery

vl_clearwater_turtleOne of the advantages of marrying a man with children is that I get to be a step-mom, and go visit them from time to time. This time, we were in Clearwater, Florida, and took a day to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. This is the aquarium famously represented in the movie, A Dolphin’s Tale, and we did see Winter, the dolphin who was rescued and given a prosthetic tail to replace the one she lost in a boat strike. Boat strikes are an extreme hazard to marine animals, and the situation is getting dire for many of them.

What I loved about the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is that it’s based on the idea of treating the animals and releasing them back into the wild. Only those animals that can no longer survive on their own (like Winter) are kept at the aquarium. The drawing above is of a turtle surgery we witnessed during our visit. There is a virus going around and Clearwater is the only aquarium equipped to help the sick turtles that come in. This one is about to have a growth removed from his shell. I loved how the attendant stroked the turtle’s little fin to calm him down, and how diligently the turtle grasped on to the breathing tube with his beak. So sweet, wow. I love to see people helping vulnerable little creatures like this.

Of course the Aquarium relies on the public for funding, so please consider helping out if you can.

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It will soon be April again and the CPDSA and friends will be out in full bloom skating and dancing to all their great DJ’s music! I can’t wait to see everybody in motion again in Central Park! They are a great group of people and athletes!


Margaret Hurst

Stylish Armor


While visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I always make a point to go check out the Arms and Armor section. It’s very impressive. I had fun stylizing the designs on this armored horse.


Sitting around


A quick drawing of some people lazily sitting on a bench. Sometimes you just have to sit down and chill.

©Greg Betza 2014

A page from his sketchbook

mb_collaborative effort32814

My little guy was creatively playing with his watercolors yesterday. If you’ve ever spent time painting with a toddler you can whip through a sketchbook pretty quickly. There we were surrounded by pages of wet “interpretive” fine works of art sprinkled throughout the entire kitchen waiting to dry for the balance of the day. Saving every piece would’ve been a logistical nightmare so instead of throwing out the “maybe’s” I opted to draw on them myself and explore what could happen. Such a blast! – Michele

My Mornings


The days have been blurring and the nights have been absent, but one thing remains constant, my mornings are greeted with a smile.—Dominick



















Quick pencil sketch.

Eddie Peña

Drunken Whale


And they rock, and they rock, through the sensual ageless ages

on the depths of the seven seas,

and through the salt they reel with drunk delight

and in the tropics tremble they with love

and roll with massive, strong desire, like gods.

- DH Lawrence

Above is a happy, slightly inebriated, whale,  swimming through a sea of red wine. He’s been around the ocean a few times, seen his share of turbulence, but he’s still having a blast. :)

I drew this at the “Draftsmen’s Congress“, a collective drawing dreamed up by Pawel Althamar, at the New Museum. Dalvero Academy was invited to participate, and we drew whales and other visual delights all over the walls. What a fun day!