line drawings


Studies of the patterns and shapes in a few flowers.



New markers

gb_greg-betza_destroyer-WH-100415001I made this drawing last night at the Destroyer show at Webster Hall in New York City. I recently bought some new markers and wanted to try them out…well basically they’re just like any other markers. Oh well.

Greg Betza ©2015

Embracing the moment

People drawing/Michele Bedigian

Some times with pad in hand you can find yourself right in line to capture an intimate emotion on paper. Hope you’re having a peaceful weekend. -Michele

It Takes a Village


Not as much of an event as the May Day Protests, but Union Square is always one of the best spots in New York for people watching and of course spending some time drawing. I found myself with a few hours to kill, an unusual event as of late, and nearby one of my favorite parks in NYC, so I ran to New York Central to get some ink  and something different (I was packing light and wanted to use the bamboo pen I found in my bag) and sat down on a bench and did some thumbnails. My view wasn’t what I had wanted so I wandered a bit until finding a spot that worked. Pure NYC chaos. I was so tuned into the drawing it took a while until I noticed the poor woman who had fallen just out of the frame of the drawing. Seems like a random doctor had stopped to help her, MTA employees were all about and a few moments later the EMTs pulled up. I am not an ambulance chaser by any stretch of the imagination, but I was compelled to draw the scene as it was such a true New York moment. Strangers helping strangers and totally engrossed in each others lives for just a few minutes, then, as quickly as it all seemed to appear, the bus was driving off with the woman inside and everyone went back to their normal days. I didn’t have enough time to blot this drawing dry let alone get the good samaritan drawing started. —Dominick

Humming Bird









Studies of a humming bird.

Mixed media.

By: Eddie Peña

May Day Union Square Protest


A drawing of May Day in Union Square earlier this year. The press photographing and getting ready to interview the protesters.

M. Hurst

iPad coffee

despina georgiadis coffee illustration

I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee lately.



greg-betza_St. Patrick's Cathedral

With the renovation of St. Patrick’s cathedral complete (or close to complete) and the Pope being in town I was reminded of a few drawings I made inside the cathedral. Here is a page of studies from inside the Neo-gothic cathedral.

Greg Betza ©2015

The Wobbly Bridge


It rained much of my time in London, poured many days. So when the sky’s broke and the sun was shining I found myself at the end of the Millennium Bridge with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background. Didn’t get as many drawings done as I would have liked, but I certainly laid the plans for next time.—Dominick














Hands by Eddie Peña.

Whale Entanglement


This drawing is one of a series I did about issues facing whale populations today. This one is about the entanglement in fishing lines and nets that affects so many whales and other sea creatures. The whales are bound in the nets, can’t come up for air, and drown. Or the plastic lines cut through their bodies, slowly over time, an excruciatingly painful process.

Along with the other artists of Dalvero Academy, I will be showing my work in an exhibit at Mystic Seaport, commemorating the 38th Voyage of the Charles W. Morgan, and highlighting the restored whale-ships new mission: to bring attention to whales and issues of ocean conservation. The exhibit opens in late November – stay tuned for details.

posted by Veronica

Another Disney Tea Cup Ride


So, Another Disney Magic Kingdom Tea Cup Ride! This time I zeroed in on a mom and her son with a waving lady in the background. A very, very happy ride in the Magic Kingdom!

M. Hurst

A pair of roses 


Pen on paper. ~DESPINA  



I’m sad to see you go.

Drawing from the beach. Aruba 2015.

Greg Betza ©2015

Horsing around in NYC

Carousel horse/Michele Bedigian

As my older son closed off his first year at a new school in June we thought it would be an interesting summer if we set up a treasure hunt that would last throughout their vacation. The mission was to ride every carousel we could find in the tri-state area (including Nassau and Suffolk). To simply say “it was the best ever” would be an understatement. In the hunt for amusement we found gold right in our own backyard. For they rode each one with so much love and excitement we gained more than we ever expected; from the spectacular SeaGlass Carousel (SO SO GORGEOUS!!) to Jane’s Carousel, the Central Park Carousel, the Bug Carousel, the Carousel in Flushing Meadows Fantasy Forest, Bryant Parks classic french Le Carrousel, Coney Island’s B&B Carousel, Nunley’s, amongst a dozen others, even the Forest Park Carousel

Searching for carousel horses is a big topic of discussion here in this house…the mission now is to foster this new found tradition and maybe expand the hunt up and down the east coast! So have an merri-go Sunday! – Michele  (P.S. Above is a drawing of one of the horses on Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel I did a few weeks back in WDW’s Fantasyland.)


Traveling In Time



I’ve been to London once before, and while I am here now by the end of the day I will be back in NY and little time will have passed. It is amazing how spans of time can come or go, dragging on or flying by. Seems like yesterday I landed. Thanks to Stafford and John for hosting me in Crouch End for my stay and showing me parts of London I would never have seen otherwise.—Dominick
























Pencil & Pen

By: Eddie Peña

Waterfront Memory


Spent a lovely afternoon in the sun drawing the yachts docked at this yacht club. Nice memory…

Magical Mouse Ear Antenna


Two lovely ladies waiting in line with one of their little girls, on a hot summer’s day, to see an enchanted princess at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I love the one lady’s Mickey Mouse Ears hat with the little antenna on the top! She looks like she’s going to take off into the magical air!

M. Hurst



Here’s a portion of a large drawing I’m making as part of a project about the ocean’s currents that will be part of an exhibition in the fall. Details to come. ~despina