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gb_greg-betza_AMNHHere is a drawing I made on a cold day back in 2011. This is the South East corner of the American Museum of Natural History in New York. I was actually standing on a hard patch of ice and almost froze myself from the bottom up!

©Greg Betza 2014

the sweetest sound


Did you know aside from the voice, flutes are the earliest known musical instruments? Every night I play lullaby’s from around the world to soothe my boys to sleep. It always fascinates me how global this instrument is and how magical their sound can be.

Above is a study of flutes I found in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Here’s where I learned a number of flutes have been found that actually date back to about 43,000 to 35,000 years ago! Could you imagine? – Michele

She smiled at him.


As I realized I only had a brand new sketchbook (read blank) with me, and heading to a client on the 6 train, I reached a little deeper and found my Books of Heads. Pulling it from my bag I found my subject. Just as I lifted my pen a man stopped a foot in front of me (this wasn’t a crowded car, so he was in my space and blocking my next drawing), peddling two books he had written. He made some witty jokes and told everyone the clever titles, one of which stuck in my head. He walked towards my next drawing and as she reappeared from behind him she turned to smile at him as he started the pitch one more time for the other end of the train. “Corner Store in the Middle of the Block,” was the title I took to heart. I wrote it down to check out later.—Dominick

Parisian Flower Shop

vl_parisian_flower_shopWhile strolling around Paris last weekend, Neil and I came across this lovely flower shop. So Parisian – a wrought iron cage surrounding beautiful fragrant blooms. And it was somebody’s birthday, so there was a little party going on inside. It reminded me of a Renoir. So lovely.

Every time I return from Europe, I’m determined to bring some of that European lifestyle home with me to New York City. Let’s see if it works this time…

posted by Veronica

Finish Line


A color thumbnail of the Boston Marathon memorial in Copley Square.

Margaret Hurst

Ducks in flowers

Here are a couple of ducks waddling through a patch of flowers.-Despina


Another Yankee


And to conclude this short series, here is a drawing from last month’s day game against the Tigers. David Robertson gets the save!

©Greg Betza 2014

Garden Delights



Drawing in the garden has always been one of my absolute favorite places to be. It’s ever changing graphics are always a challenge to organize on paper. Above is one of my favorites to-date. Who knows what the rest of the summer might reveal. Can’t wait to find out! – Michele

Mixed medium: watercolor, crayon, and colored pencil

Afternoon Ride


I don’t know who was having more fun, and it ended as quickly as it began, but for the brief few moments everyone had a smile on their face for no other reason than the day was beautiful.—Dominick

Reportage Drawing






















Drawing is on my mind.  Posting a drawing that reminds of today. Beautiful weather, lots of people, food, sweat and fun.


Eddie Peña

Parisian Fountain


The Fountain

Veronica Lawlor

Afraid of heights…


…this man was not. All people who work on ships, or in any other job that requires climbing to great heights, impress me. This man was nimbly scaling the masts of the Morgan like a kid in a playground. ~Despina

More Yanks


Here is a page from my sketchbook that I brought with me to Yankee Stadium last week. The pitcher is rookie Shane Greene and the wild swinger, Ichiro Suzuki.

Enjoy your weekend!

Greg Betza

Stealing the moment


Yesterday I had the RARE luxury of having some time in the morning to myself. I grabbed my bag and headed straight for Panera Bread where I knew I’d find all sorts of interesting people to draw. Above is a page from my sketchbook while sitting peacefully with a simple cup of tea. It’s not often lately I can sit with my book and just “be”. Yet be it as it may, it was magical. (Thank you Chris and Happy Birthday Mom!) – Michele

Ye Olde Shipsmith

A quick (read oh no, it’s Thursday again) drawing I did while waiting for the Charles W. Morgan to arrive back home at the Mystic Seaport.

Palace of Versailles Reportage
















I really did not enjoy my visit to Versailles. This place was overwhelmingly enormous.  No wonder they were all executed, who needs that much real estate.

Pen & ink.

Eddie Peña

The Louvre

vl-The-LouvreMichele’s recent post about the Picasso Museum in Paris made me think of my own times spent in that beautiful city. Here is a drawing of I.M.Pei’s famous glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre. People seem to love it or hate it. I love it.

Posted by Veronica

World Elephant Day


Tuesday, August 12, is World Elephant Day! I love elephants. I want them to be around forever, so I hope the world saves them and doesn’t need their teeth for some ornament or piece of jewelry. Let’s protect them and give them a voice.


AUGUST 12, 2014

Margaret Hurst

opening soon


Paris is by far one of my favorite places on earth (for those who don’t already know) and modern technology reminded me at 5am this morning when one of my best friends text’d me and said she just rode her bike past the Louvre. Above was a study done at the Picasso museum in Paris while visiting a few years back with my partners from the studio. This gem houses one of the world’s most extensive collections of the Spanish master’s work and rumor has it is finally set to reopen this coming September FIVE YEARS after it closed for a two-year renovation . Blessings come in many shapes…Some take longer than others, but thank GOD they do come. If you find yourself in Paris and you’re an artist, it’s a MUST SEE. - Michele


gb_greg-betza_Ichiro-SuzukiI spent Thursday at Yankee Stadium sitting close to, and drawing, outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. For those of you that don’t know, “Ichiro” is perhaps the greatest player ever to play both in Japan and the Major Leagues.

And I just read yesterday that the Yankees have placed him on waivers (he is available for trade), so my studies of him may be from the last game he ever plays in pinstripes…

Enjoy your weekend!

©Greg Betza 2014