Hutton Brickyards

Hutton Brickyards

Drawing of an original brick shed at the Hutton Brickyards, ink and pastel. I drew this on site in Kingston, NY while in residence at the Brydcliffe Artists Colony in Woodstock, NY. This reportage drawings and others of abandoned brickyards along the Hudson River were the inspiration behind the paintings and glass castings that were featured in my solo show, Material Memory, hosted by Emerge Gallery in 2023.

Every time I see this  I think of the sunny July day that I drew it, and how wonderful it is that the current Hutton Brickyards hotel kept some of this original architecture. It is a history that deserves to be preserved and elevated – which is why my exhibit included some glass castings of the bricks that build NYC (see below.) Thanks to Kelli Ann Krouse for her fabrication skills!

All of this work and more is available to view and purchase via the Emerge Gallery Artsy site, HERE.

The Woodstock-Byrdcliffe Guild is hosting its annual 5×7 show to benefit the artist residency program. It’s a wonderful tradition – more info HERE. I donated a 5×7 painting – all donations are anonymous which is part of the fun of the exhibition! Preview party on December 1 at the Kleinert/James Center Gallery, Woodstock, NY.

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