Balanced Rock

balanced rock, colorado

I made this quick drawing at Balanced Rock in Colorado Springs, CO. Balanced Rock is well, a giant red sandstone formation that appears to be precariously balanced. People love to do “the pose” where they’re holding it up. It is beautiful though, wow.   Greg Betza ©2019

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Windmills of the Netherlands

We didn’t want to leave Amsterdam without a visit to Zaanse Schans, which is a kind of historic park with twelve working windmills. While there, we learned that there are currently 1100 working windmills still operating in the Netherlands; during the pre-industrial revolution days, there were 1100 in the small area around Zaanse alone. I […]

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Kansas plains and cattle

I’ve been traveling cross country this summer and yesterday I traversed the plains of Kansas. Aside from a few cows dotting the landscape, not much to see. But there is something beautiful in the golden plains and the multiple greens of the crops. I tried to capture that here, and a few cows. Greg Betza […]

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Amsterdam Pride

Just returned from a trip to Amsterdam, where I was an instructor at the 10th annual Urban Sketchers symposium. Amsterdam is an amazing city; one of my personal favorites. The bicycle culture seems to have given every one of Amsterdam’s citizens a permanent mega-dose of endorphins, and they are among the nicest urbanites I’ve encountered. As […]

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While spending time in Columbus Ohio I stopped in at an arcade/bar and did some drawing. It was fun to see all of the different people huddled together for the common social activities of gaming and drinking. Greg Betza ©2019  

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How Did I Get Here

Honestly not sure how I ended up here today. Dredging of a canal, literally and figuratively. The end of July, July will always be France, though there are much cooler times to visit, maybe April. The piles stack up, but lately I find them needing more attention. Let’s see where this ride takes me.—Dominick

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