As I watched the horror unfold yesterday, each second smoke poured from the roof of the cathedral I worried about the loss of even the tiniest piece of history. As the fire raged on I feared the worst like so many others. It wasn’t sinking in just yet. It couldn’t be as bad as it […]

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A drawing of singer Mac McCaughan @macmerge during a solo performance a few years ago. I’ve seen this guy a million times, this was the closest ever. I could have grabbed his guitar without moving more than a foot or two. Greg Betza ©2019

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Creative Study Tour

Just returned from a 3 day trip to Kentucky and Tennessee, where I had the opportunity for the third year to document Professor Ryan Hargrove and his group of young artists on their Creative Study Tour. This is a drawing of Ryan engaged in intense discussion with one of them, about an hour before we […]

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