What coronation?

What coronation?

This past weekend I was in Gainesville, Florida, to celebrate my step-daughter’s graduation from the University of Florida (congrats Danielle!) It also happened to be the weekend of the coronation of King Charles III. The graduation was Friday, and I thought it would be great to draw the coronation from a watch party at a local British pub on Saturday morning. I called “The Queens Arms” to inquire if they would be doing anything special for the coronation.

“Maybe,” was the response I got, “when is it?”

Undeterred, we went to the pub on Saturday morning for brunch and a chance to make some drawings. I’d drawn the coronation from the CNN broadcast in my hotel room earlier that morning, but felt sure that the re-broadcast would be going strong in the pub during prime brunch hours, despite the response to my telephone inquiry.

We arrived to find the patrons enjoying their morning repast, the palm trees swaying, and the telly in the pub broadcasting…an American football game.

It seems the colonists are less than enthused about the royal ascent in the UK. But the fruit salad was delicious.

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