Heart Angels

Heart Angels is a Thank You Card created to express gratitude and love to all the doctors and nurses, first responders, caretakers, medical workers, police officers, postal workers, delivery people, transportation workers, grocery store workers and cashiers, community organizers and everyone who is putting their health and their lives on the line for all of […]

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Prevailing Spring

If all goes well, and I self isolate, I will not see who this was originally intended for. I will not see the nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, and the many other front line responders whose chosen professions are to help us. THEY CHOSE A PROFESSION TO HELP. A thought I can […]

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Healthy Fats

avocado illustration

I’ve been reading a lot about food. Not only for my personal health and well-being but I’ve been exploring the system in which our food becomes available to us, the sustainability, the types of diets and the morality of eating. Here’s an avocado. It’s the first food I’ve given to my infant. No, rice is […]

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