Prevailing Spring

Prevailing Spring

If all goes well, and I self isolate, I will not see who this was originally intended for. I will not see the nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals, EMTs, police officers, firefighters, and the many other front line responders whose chosen professions are to help us. THEY CHOSE A PROFESSION TO HELP. A thought I can not fully wrap my head around. I would like to think that in a moment of crisis I would step up as best I could. I don’t know if staying home is the “best I can do” but it is certainly the least I can do. So I choose to help those that are ready to help us. I choose their safety over my own wants and desires. I choose safety for all over satisfaction for myself. And for those who had this moment thrust upon them—the farmers, food suppliers, grocery workers, restaurant workers, truck drivers and delivery people, and all the newly knighted essential who are put in the path of potential danger to keep us all functioning at a modest, conservative level during this time of change and analysis I say thank you. You have my undying gratitude and respect. We wish you well. We wish you to be safe.


The artists of Studio 1482 wanted to create illustrations to thank the medical professionals, first responders, and essential workers who are out there working for us every day in this crisis. So we each created an illustrated thank you card for them.

To give a thank you to the heroes in your life, you can our download our hi res images  HERE

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