Heart Angels

Heart Angels is a Thank You Card created to express gratitude and love to all the doctors and nurses, first responders, caretakers, medical workers, police officers, postal workers, delivery people, transportation workers, grocery store workers and cashiers, community organizers and everyone who is putting their health and their lives on the line for all of us. Your empathy, your strength, your caring, your bravery, your consideration, your commitment and your love let us all know what beautiful hearts you angels have. We want  to let you know that we LOVE YOU and HEART YOU right back. THANK YOU HEART ANGELS for your sacrifices and your fight against the covid19. Even though we can’t hug you physically we can hug you emotionally and spiritually. Sending our love and thanks to you around the world. May you and your families and friends stay safe and be well. Thank you for your compassion. We will never forget you!

The artists of Studio 1482 wanted to create illustrations to thank the medical professionals, first responders, and essential workers who are out there working for us every day in this crisis. So we each created an illustrated thank you card for them. To give a thank you to the heroes in your life, you can download our hi res images HERE.

Thank you, Margaret Hurst

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