Here’s a page of hands that I drew while working on a recent job. Ink and pastel. ~Despina

Thursday night PATH

man on subway drawing

After a show on the lower east side this Thursday I headed back to New Jersey via the good ol’ PATH train. Here is another couple doing about the same.

Greg Betza ©2014

A New Season


Last week I posted a watercolor from a year or so ago and it got me started on the series again. Laid up in bed (or rather in a chair) for a few days I gathered my  brushes and spent a few hours out of doors. I am not a green person but I kind of liked the way the color laid down on this one. Early fall, (yes, it is still early fall) changes so quickly, it was fun to catch the cinema “verde.”—Dominick


Autumn Leaves


Playing with the brushes app in my i-Pad, drawing some autumn leaves in Union Square Park. Sigh..

Posted by Veronica

Gallo Horse


Another Gallo Horse!

Margaret Hurst

Workshop in mystic

Ink drawing ~Despina

J Mascis

Reportage illustration by Greg Betza

October 17, 2014

Another weekend, another show, another of my favorites. This time, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. Simply put, J is one of the most prolific songwriters and virtuoso guitarists of his generation. Last night it was just him and a guitar as he performed songs from his 30 year career at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Great show.

©Greg Betza 2014

Obama receives the dragon & the angel

Pope Francis and Obama exchange gifts/Michele Beidgian

On March 27th, before all the chaos developed with Ebola in this country and the rise of ISIS, in his first official visit President Obama met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. As it is customary politically and in tradition to bring the Pope gifts, the President gave the Pope a seed box and mentioned he would like him to come and visit his garden at the White House. In exchange the Pope gave President Obama a large bronze medallion of an angel representing solidarity and peace surrounded by the image of a dragon. The Vatican commented “The angel is embracing and bringing together the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth, while overcoming the opposition of a dragon”.  On many levels this exchange of gifts was very symbolic and can be interpreted to the gild. 

However, Pope Francis specified that the gift was actually a personal gesture from him, “from Jorge Bergoglio”, (Pope Francis’s birth name), which I thought to be incredibly powerful and kind of shifted the whole meaning behind it for me. His gift came from the man he was born into, stripped of politics and protocol. It was simply a message shared from one to another in hopes that the powers that be (I mean REAL POWERS THAT BE) …. will hear his plea and guide us all to a better place. Amen to that! Have a peaceful weekend. – Michele

Art done with cut paper and watercolor

Another strange day


I don’t think I have posted this one yet. I was never really happy with the scale and design. A little harbor on the Hudson I pass often. Yet it always seems to turn up when I am looking through watercolors. Each time it grows on me a little more. For some reason I remember the day. It was very much like today. Unusually warm, misty and overcast. It also reminds me of a friend. Always will.—Dominick

Shapes & Colors





Dry Pastels.  This design was inspired from location drawing at the NY Aquarium.  The ocean is full of art.

Eddie Peña


The old NYC fishin’ hole

reportage illustration

Every year during the summer time in NYC, the fishermen line up along the East River on New York’s lower east side. They are out here every day, looking for treasure in the rivers around the Big Apple. They do seem to catch something, and they eat it, too! Not sure how I’d feel about that, although I do tend to like things from NYC… Veronica


A watercolor, caran dache and charcoal drawing of a horse.

Margaret Hurst


Drawing from life

In a pile of life drawings I did in the past year, this was hiding out. Ink and graphite on paper. ~Despina

Empire from NJ

Reportage illustration

From a morning spent sitting near the water in Hoboken, NJ.

Greg Betza

In thought and prayer

With love/Michele Bedigian

The studio’s been in existence since 2004. It’s hard to believe this is our 10th Anniversary. Although we all knew each other prior to, the past 10 years has made us a family unit that eat together, draw together, laugh when things are funny and cry when things hurt. This week one of us has suffered a tremendous loss and because of that we all grieve with her. Our hearts are broken. Maybe time will soothe the way but life will never be the same.

Above is a drawing of a Japanese Bonsai I did during an exhibit at the NYBG. It is said that Bonsai-in-training should always point to a future, more mature creation which the artist, at least, has somewhat in mind.  And because these are made with living, growing things, those future piece are never complete or finished. The best bonsai touch us, make us take notice, stop us as they catch our experience and imaginations to show us something new.

That is the way I’d like to remember Patty, pointing the way with her infectious smile and always looking forward to showing us something new.  Love you, Michele

A strange day


Solemn to say the least.

Chaddsford Winery


reportage illustration

I spent Labor Day weekend 2009 in Pennsylvania visiting the Brandywine museum (heavenly!) and the Chaddsford Winery nearby. The winery was hosting a jazz festival wine tasting event. I have to say, I had been there two years earlier and the wines from this local winery have improved quite a bit. The Proprietors Reserve White was really quite nice, I would say it was my favorite of their wines, and the Naked Chardonnay was lovely as well. I usually don’t like the oak tones of most chardonnays: theirs is very mild and more to my taste. I would definitely recommend their whites,  and of the reds the Shiraz was actually quite good. A Pinot Noir from Pennsylvania was pushing it a bit, I thought, but who cares, the day was lovely and the music contributed to the festive atmosphere!  – Veronica

(To see more drawings from my trip click HERE.)

Fantasyland Carousel


A fun play with watercolor, caran d’ache, and pencil at the carousel in Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Margaret Hurst



Charcoal on paper. ~Despina

back door

greg betza pen & ink reportage drawing

I made this drawing in Chania, Crete in the summer of 2009. According to my note, it is called the ‘Back Door Cafe‘, a rather pedestrian name for a place in such an amazing city.

Greg Betza ©2014