Charcoal on paper. ~Despina

back door

greg betza pen & ink reportage drawing

I made this drawing in Chania, Crete in the summer of 2009. According to my note, it is called the ‘Back Door Cafe‘, a rather pedestrian name for a place in such an amazing city.

Greg Betza ©2014

A cup of joe

A cup of joe/Michele Bedigian

 Yesterday morning not long after all the busy-ness of the morning’s demands settled down I decided to do something out of the box and get a cup of coffee. Not an ordinary cup of coffee but a “pumpkin spiced latte”. Maybe it was the change in weather or maybe it was just ’cause it was a new day.

 Above is a drawing done at the coffeehouse while I sat and embraced the morning. Whatever the reason that took me there, I was a very happy girl. Who wouldn’t be with a warm drink for the heart and some drawing for the soul? Have a wonderful weekend! – Michele

Misplaced Grand Central


Another misplaced crowd drawing from the same time period as last weeks. This one of Grand Central from a few years back.—pre-Apple store and Shake Shack. Long before the “Gate of Hell” GCT was where i went to draw as many people as New York had to offer. Always a fun crowd.—Dominick




















Pencil sketch of a city street scene.

Eddie Peña



vl_rooster_2Sometimes you just feel like painting a rooster. :)

Posted by Veronica


Poppies in the fields


Poppies in the fields. Another drawing for CFNAPA. Loved making this pen and ink drawing!

Margaret Hurst

The Grand Entrance


There was a buzz in the air. Everyone was so excited. The Morgan was coming home to Mystic Seaport. Let me tell you – this ship – she has fans! Here’s a drawing I made as she made her approach  toward Chubb’s Wharf. The crowd standing on the dock went wild! ~Despina

Chalk Walk

ruby throated hummingbird-brookdale park NJ

Sorry for the late post, but I spent the early part of the day at Brookdale Park, here in Bloomfield New Jersey. I was helping out a local ad agency promote the ‘value’ of this great park to its visitors. Along with a few other illustrators and students from Montclair State University, I was asked to illustrate/type design (create infographics) different facts and highlights about the park on the park’s many walkways. A photographer captured all of the art created and I will post that on my blog soon, but here is my drawing of a ruby throated hummingbird…which apparently lives in the park! I never knew.

©Greg Betza 2014

Going BIG…squared

Going Big Squared/Michele Bedigian


Dominick’s drawing of crowds yesterday was such a beautiful study. It reminded me how important it is to feel your way through a drawing and remembering to forget about what you think it’s “supposed to be.” The reward is in letting it tell you what it wants to be, what it’s MEANT to be. (Really nice piece Dom.)

Above is another BIG drawing from the same summer of “GOING BIG” I mentioned last week. Only this time it was twice as big as last weeks! (42″ x 42″). By the way, A few of you took on the challenge last week. I’m dying to hear (and see) how it went. I’m really excited about the prospects. Have an ambitiously adventurous weekend! – Michele

Drawing a crowd


I have been digging through some old work, hoping to find new work misplaced, and found this “thumbnail” I made a while back. With all the crowds in NYC this week for President Obama’s visit I figured a mass of people made sense. Hoping I missed all the fun on my trip in today.—Dominick

Fun Day


Had some fun with some Mystic Seaport stamps while reportaging the 38th Voyage of the Charles W. Morgan. The stamps were fun and I just added some water!

Margaret Hurst

My Song is my Friend


Watercolor and colored pencil illustration from My Song is my Friend. Children’s book written and illustrated by Despina Georgiadis


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and from now until October 31st,  I’m donating 100% of the profits for my newly published book to “Make-A-Wish Foundation”.

To learn more about the book and to find out how to Pre-Order, visit ~Despina

The Replacements

Replacements reportage drawing

Sorry about the late post today, I was out late last night at the Replacements concert in Forest Hills, NY. It was their first appearance in New York in over 20 years! I’ve waited a long time to see them and they didn’t disappoint at all. In my opinion the show could not have been better, after all they played 29 songs. Don’t know if I’ll ever see them again, but I’m satisfied if that is the last. Here are portraits of Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg the 2 remaining original members.

-Greg Betza ©2014

Going BIG

Going Big/Michele Bedigian

A few years back I was having a challenging time “seeing the big picture”. So my teacher, (and mentor) sat me down and demanded that I “GO BIG” for the rest of the summer. To clarify, that meant minimally my drawings had to be 36″ x 42″.  … For any who’s drawn on location, that’s quite a heafty size to navigate with in crowds. And yet his order was always my command, (with complete certainty he had his reasons). Above was one of those drawings.

The experience was INCREDIBLE! … To attempt to express in words how it changed my perspective on art would be an injustice. So if you’re an artist and haven’t tried it, you must! Please, please, please!! Not only for the physical experience but for the emotional one as well. It’ll change your world. Mine did. – Michele

p.s. Would love to hear how it goes. Keep in touch.

Things are looking up


Yes, it is Saturday and I am posting for last Thursday (internet magic), yes she looks like she is smelling his underarm (she wasn’t, she was completely entranced by him), and yes time always seems to play games with us (it isn’t personal, at least I don’t believe it to be), but all there needs to be is one small glimmer of hope, one reason to get up in the morning and try again at what wasn’t accomplished the day before. Things are always looking up.—Dominick

Flowers of Amsterdam

Amsterdam-Flower-ShopWhat else is there to say but beautiful Amsterdam, even in the rain. Posted by Veronica.


A black and white pen and ink drawing of a field of poppies for CF NAPA. Truly a pleasure to draw!

Margaret Hurst

Warped Ego


A few years ago I worked on a project about the collective warped ego of the world today. Every time I hear something terrible in the news, I can’t help but think of certain aspects of humanity in this way. ~Despina

Bob Mould

Bob Mould by Greg Betza

Had the chance to see Bob Mould the other night at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Bob has been around forever it seems and is somewhat of a living legend. First, as the singer of the influential band Hüsker Dü, and then with his second band Sugar, Bob has been making music for well over 30 years. AND what most people don’t know is that he actually wrote and performed the opening song for the Daily Show!

It was a great show and one of the few I’ve been to recently where I was one of the youngest people there.

© Greg Betza 2014