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No matter what you call it…GOD, ALLAH, ELOHIM, YHWH, OM, JEHOVAH, ALMIGHTY, PRABHU,  etc… for most of us on this planet there is a belief in a higher power beyond what we can see, feel, touch or smell. This morning there was an incredible essay on one of the morning shows that interviewed the Monks of Norcia. (Norcia is in Italy.) These unique men look for the presence of GOD in the ordinary. As I listened I slowly realized how critical it is to our health in this terribly demanding world we have created for ourselves to stop and look for all the GIFTS in the ordinary. From the heart I encourage you to check this out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTQTFW1Gdbs&noredirect=1

This was a GIFT for me this morning. I hope by sharing it, you’ve received one too today. – Michele

Artwork is titled ‘Paradise’. It was done in mixed medium on location in the New York Botanical Gardens

The thing about good intentions


Two weeks can seem like an eternity and sometimes it can happen overnight. Sometimes both occur to prove science still has not fully grasped the time space continuum. Had I written down my resolutions maybe they would have meant a little more. So I start today. I vow to keep up with this blog, fill it with new projects and things that at the very least inspire me to do more, so that come 2017, I can look back and count my days based on the drawings. —Dominick

Playing Around on Location


One of the things I love about drawing on location is that you never know what kind of influences will occur. I had a great time playing with the Victorian symbols, and stylizing a little bit, one day on Main Street in DisneyWorld USA. Love the colors there!

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Plaza de Armas, Havana


Another drawing from the week in Cuba! Plaza de Armas in Havana.

m. hurst



a portrait in crayon.




Good morning, happy Monday! Another watercolor face study.

Greg Betza ©2016

Practicing People

New-Yorkers-from-the-topA nice seat at the window on the second floor made for an opportunity to practice drawing people from a higher than usual viewpoint. Always good to practice!

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Havana June 2015


A drawing made in Havana, last summer June 2015, during the art biennial: people, a building and a sweet dog. A colorful city!

m. hurst



study of ear. pen and ink.




I think ‘practice’ is a good word for my first post of 2016. Keep working, keep learning.

This is a practice head I created while working on portraits and testing out some new watercolors.

Happy New Year!

Greg Betza ©2016

Happy, healthy, holy

For most countries the official day of resetting the annual clock is on January 1st. It’s a symbol of renewal and an opportunity to plant new seeds of thought, a new way of seeing the light in things … So in keeping with tradition I’ve taken some time this week to reflect on 2015 in all it’s way, to review what it brought and what I’ve learned from it. And as I till the soil three days into the new year … I realize the answer’s been in the seed all along.

Happy am I, healthy am I, holy am I.

Here’s to endless possibilities! Happy New Year – Michele

Happy New Year!










May this year be full of color and intention.

Eddie Peña

Happy New Year!


We at Studio 1482 wish everyone a peaceful, happy, and healthy 2016. Happy New Year!

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French Entry


I made this drawing with Art Nouveau on my mind. Pen & Ink.




Hope you’re all enjoying winter so far. This is a piece from the Seasons of 1482 project.

Greg Betza ©2015


Madonna and Child/Michele Bedigian

Madonna and Child/Michele Bedigian

A simple drawing I did in the Medieval Sculpture Hall at the  Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you haven’t been there to see the adorned galleries during the Holiday season, I  HIGHLY RECOMMEND you put it on your list of “life time to-do’s”. – Michele

Quote by Elie Wiesel

On the First day of…..

















Merry Christmas.

Eddie Peña

Merry Christmas!


To all of those who celebrate Christmas, Studio 1482 wishes you a Merry Christmas! And we wish everyone a happy holiday season, and a peaceful new year.

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I made this drawing a few years back aboard the Intrepid. It’s an amazing place to visit if you’re ever in New York.


quick portrait


Here is a dip pen & ink portrait of Jorge Clar, model for Scooter La Forge at the Society of Illustrators. See more of my drawings from that evening here: http://www.gregbetza.com/scooter-laforge-at-soi/

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Greg Betza ©2015