Garden Delights



Drawing in the garden has always been one of my absolute favorite places to be. It’s ever changing graphics are always a challenge to organize on paper. Above is one of my favorites to-date. Who knows what the rest of the summer might reveal. Can’t wait to find out! – Michele

Mixed medium: watercolor, crayon, and colored pencil

Afternoon Ride


I don’t know who was having more fun, and it ended as quickly as it began, but for the brief few moments everyone had a smile on their face for no other reason than the day was beautiful.—Dominick

Reportage Drawing






















Drawing is on my mind.  Posting a drawing that reminds of today. Beautiful weather, lots of people, food, sweat and fun.


Eddie Peña

Parisian Fountain


The Fountain

Veronica Lawlor

Afraid of heights…


…this man was not. All people who work on ships, or in any other job that requires climbing to great heights, impress me. This man was nimbly scaling the masts of the Morgan like a kid in a playground. ~Despina

More Yanks


Here is a page from my sketchbook that I brought with me to Yankee Stadium last week. The pitcher is rookie Shane Greene and the wild swinger, Ichiro Suzuki.

Enjoy your weekend!

Greg Betza

Stealing the moment


Yesterday I had the RARE luxury of having some time in the morning to myself. I grabbed my bag and headed straight for Panera Bread where I knew I’d find all sorts of interesting people to draw. Above is a page from my sketchbook while sitting peacefully with a simple cup of tea. It’s not often lately I can sit with my book and just “be”. Yet be it as it may, it was magical. (Thank you Chris and Happy Birthday Mom!) – Michele

Ye Olde Shipsmith

A quick (read oh no, it’s Thursday again) drawing I did while waiting for the Charles W. Morgan to arrive back home at the Mystic Seaport.

Palace of Versailles Reportage
















I really did not enjoy my visit to Versailles. This place was overwhelmingly enormous.  No wonder they were all executed, who needs that much real estate.

Pen & ink.

Eddie Peña

The Louvre

vl-The-LouvreMichele’s recent post about the Picasso Museum in Paris made me think of my own times spent in that beautiful city. Here is a drawing of I.M.Pei’s famous glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre. People seem to love it or hate it. I love it.

Posted by Veronica

World Elephant Day


Tuesday, August 12, is World Elephant Day! I love elephants. I want them to be around forever, so I hope the world saves them and doesn’t need their teeth for some ornament or piece of jewelry. Let’s protect them and give them a voice.


AUGUST 12, 2014

Margaret Hurst

opening soon


Paris is by far one of my favorite places on earth (for those who don’t already know) and modern technology reminded me at 5am this morning when one of my best friends text’d me and said she just rode her bike past the Louvre. Above was a study done at the Picasso museum in Paris while visiting a few years back with my partners from the studio. This gem houses one of the world’s most extensive collections of the Spanish master’s work and rumor has it is finally set to reopen this coming September FIVE YEARS after it closed for a two-year renovation . Blessings come in many shapes…Some take longer than others, but thank GOD they do come. If you find yourself in Paris and you’re an artist, it’s a MUST SEE. – Michele


gb_greg-betza_Ichiro-SuzukiI spent Thursday at Yankee Stadium sitting close to, and drawing, outfielder Ichiro Suzuki. For those of you that don’t know, “Ichiro” is perhaps the greatest player ever to play both in Japan and the Major Leagues.

And I just read yesterday that the Yankees have placed him on waivers (he is available for trade), so my studies of him may be from the last game he ever plays in pinstripes…

Enjoy your weekend!

©Greg Betza 2014


Old school

This is a drawing I made of an “old school” occupation. Old presses are really quite beautiful. And so are the people who are interested in preserving their history. -Despina
PS- switched places wth Michele this week. Look for her post on Sunday!

She Passed By Quietly


I remember seeing the Morgan, even if I didn’t remember her name, when I was a kid. In fact, I have rather strong memories of the Charles W. Morgan and an old souvenir (does anyone use that word anymore—it does seem perfect for a wooden ship though) from a childhood visit. I even realized recently a photo I have hanging on the wall was from that same trip. Standing along the shore yesterday, waiting for the prize possession of the Mystic Seaport to return, the crowds gathered quickly as they ran along the waters edge to see the ship pull into her dock. The shopkeepers had pretty much closed up, knowing they had nothing that was going to turn people away from the sight in the harbor. One woman jumped up on the step next to me to get a better picture and said something about how amazing this must be for the kids. I and the keeper of the print shop I was standing next too agreed with her. When she walked away a few moments later he said with an innocent smile, “forget the kids.” I seconded his thought. There is no denying children know more than there elders did when they were young, for all sorts of reasons. And while I may not have remembered that she was a whaling ship—or how old she was—or any of her history before I returned four years ago, I always had this mysterious fascination with her. After many decades passing, and years of documenting her restoration, watching her drift into port as the sun was setting, that fascination was as strong as it was when that picture was taken long ago.—Dominick

our changing skyline

vl_changing_nyc_skylineA quick drawing I made in my sketchbook, of our ever-changing NYC skyline. This was made from the Central Park Zoo. You can see the giant pencil-thin tower, “One 57″ going up at the right. It’s even taller now than it was when I drew this, about two months ago. I hear you’ll be able to see it from space.  Hmmm, not sure if I like that one.

posted by Veronica

Never Forget


On a recent trip to Boston with Dalvero Academy we spent the afternoon in Copley Square. The square is beautiful, historical and modern. Under a small leafy green tree across the street from the Boston Public Library is the finish line for the Boston Marathon where a small wooden memorial is representing the four people who died in the bombing and the over two hundred people who were injured.  It is small and extremely personal with little hand written notes tucked in to tiny openings.

Gone but not forgotten.

Margaret Hurst

Water dancers

Recently at the ICA in Boston I got to watch a beautiful dance troupe (they were all quite beautiful) perform live with the Boston harbor as backdrop. Unfortunately I can’t remember the names and details at the moment but when I get a chance I’ll post more drawings and info on my blog:



While making this drawing I couldn’t help thinking about how I remember that hairstyle from at least 20 years ago. It’s amazing how styles just keep coming back over and over. And usually better the second or third time.

© Greg Betza 2014

Choose wisely


With 2 toddlers in the house I’m constantly looking for creative ways to explain some of life’s basic lessons. My older one is starting to feel the power of words and how demonstratively they can affect others.

A few years back I started working on some art inspired by Aesop’s Fables. My little guy’s new found expressions reminded me that the lesson in “the power of words” is pretty universal. Some might say when they look at this piece “Well these are just simply birds on a line.” I might see them as wash women gossiping about their neighbor or the enemy a 1,000 miles away. In reality whether we hear the words or we don’t, once the words are out there, depending on agenda,  they can hurt or they can help. Say something kindly to someone you think might need a little love today. Then step back and watch it’s power. – Michele