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Concept art for the World Of Lexica.



Eddie Peña


the lovely Kika

veronica_kika_decoIt’s always nice to start a new year with drawing. And even nicer when the drawing is of one of my favorite people, Kika.

posted by Veronica

Conch shell


Pencil and crayons

Beach new year

Happy New Year everyone. My first drawing/painting of 2015, a winter scene on the beach in South Carolina.

Greg Betza

Surprise at every turn

New York Botanical Garden/Michele Bedigian


Yesterday was the first of the year and we wanted to do something special with the kids to honor the day. So we took them to see the Holiday Train Show at the NYBG. It was as beautiful as ever and the kids were amazed when they saw “Thomas” whizzing by on the railroad at arms length, (don’t think they didn’t try, lol). Above is a drawing I did during New Year’s there a few years back before the boys were born. As I look at them now my heart skips when I think of the wishes I had made that year and know now anything is possible if heard from above. – Michele

I received this wish from a really dear friend this morning and thought it too beautiful not to share…Happy New Year!

” May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself. “

- Neil Giaman



Yes, I am totally cheating. No, time travel does not yet exist, so I am told. Einstein. What did he know? As I ended one of the longest years I can ever remember, I took stock of all that I had done and all that had been bestowed upon me. It was not a year lacking in miracles and amazing moments, but it certainly did not sum up to all I had planned. It started out with the best of intentions. Intentions do not build a year. In honor of Janus, I started an idea that I had wanted to work on for some time. As with the previous 364 days, I didn’t get as far as I wanted. So above is a sketch, the beginning of things to come, and as I write, the year to come is already turning the corner I had looked around 12 months ago.

A wish for 2015

vl_loveThe Beatles said it – “all you need is love.” Here’s a wish for more of that in 2015. Happy New Year everyone.

Drawn on location in Philadelphia by Veronica Lawlor.


mixed media art by Despina Georgiadis

I always love to try as many mixed media combinations that I can think of when I’m drawing from a model. Here is an ink, acrylic paint and crayon drawing.


Happy Holidays

Watercolor collage by Greg Betza

This is a holiday card I put together for a client a few years back. It was fun to mix traditional media with a digital application for this one. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year to you all!

©Greg Betza 2014

His Little People Angel talks

The nativity angel/Michele Bedigian

A year or so back I purchased this sweet ‘Little People’ Nativity Set in anticipation of teaching my children the wonder of Christmas. This year my older one is 3 and “wonder” is BIG on his plate…What’s this Mommy? What’s that Mommy?… over and over and OVER. So while answering his question of what the Angels purpose was on Christmas Eve (and how she can fly) I made a project out of it and opted to show him visually her role in the scheme of things.  He loved it and now keeps asking if she’s on our roof so Santa knows who’s house it is and won’t get lost. – Happy Holidays X, Michele

A Blessed Day


I have anticipated for weeks what I would post today. Thursday is my day and Christmas has fallen on Thursday. I had planned on doing a little series of Nativity scenes spread around  the house and town, but as we were preparing for Santa time ran short. OK, maybe just one scene, I only need one drawing anyway. But as the day approached and I had yet to make the one drawing I realized maybe I should check my Christmas sketchbook to see if I had anything that would complete my to do list. I turned the page and found this little drawing I did at the Metropolitan Museum of Art many years ago. A study for something yet to come? One of my favorite places in general, but certainly my favorite place at the holidays. If you have never seen their Neapolitan Tree  go next week, next year, just go. It helped sum up everything I needed at that moment and always makes Christmas come alive. I love the cookies, movies, stories, and every last bit of the festivity, but it begins and ends here for me always. Merry Christmas to all.—Dominick

Happy Holidays

lawlor_chinatown_line_colored-shapeSince so many people are busy today with food shopping and cooking, in preparation for the holidays, I thought this drawing of a vegetable stand in San Francisco’s Chinatown would be appropriate to post. Enjoy the holidays everyone, and blessings in the New Year.

posted by Veronica

thinking of spring too

Iris flowers


I got inspired by Eddie’s last post and dug up this little drawing of Irises. Yes, I love the season of giving and loving and sharing and baking and eating and drinking. No, I wouldn’t mind if I had to do it all in warmer weather! ~Despina

Using my time

Reportage illustrationI used to have a habit of being too early for appointments…so I would just make drawings from my car to pass the time. Here is one from 2003, NYC.

Ahhhhh Paris

Ahhhh Paris/Michele Bedigian


I just loved Dom’s post yesterday. Yet I have to share … At the moment I’m kinda feeling the crunch. Anthropologie just sent out a blast titled “5 more sleeps till Christmas!” Really, did you have to?

So I’m taking a break (as brief as it is) to post a drawing (and it’s thumbnail) that features one of my favorite city’s in the world. Even if it’s a tiny window of fantasy, I can smell the bread baking now. Have a peaceful weekend. – Michele

Art in graphite and crayon

My favorite time of year


There will never be enough time in the day. This is never more apparent than during the holiday season. I wish the days could just slow down to a crawl. I love everything about the lead up, and everything about the time after. Forget the day itself, that could last forever. So as I ponder the next week I look forward to all those moments that sneak in and remind me of everything I have and I hope I can carve that memory into my brain so later in the year, when what I don’t have seems more important, I remember that maybe I can make it last a little longer. —Dominick

I Miss You

Eddie Peña_flower


I miss my spring flowers!

Colored pencils & Carandache.

Eddie Peña


Veronica Lawlor chalk and pastel

Here is another pastel drawing I made while visiting Sedona with fellow 1482-er Margaret Hurst a few years ago. What a gorgeous place – the landscape is so beautiful you almost can’t believe it’s real! There are supposedly areas in Sedona called ‘vortexes’ where you can feel some kind of gravitational pull of the Earth. All over the mountains, you can see people standing around, waiting to feel the pull of the vortex. I don’t know about that, I never felt it, but the pull of the gorgeous landscape is trying to draw me back to Arizona. So I can do more drawing. ; ) Posted by Veronica.

Venetian Pigeons



Going through some sketch books and came across a drawing of pigeons in Venice, Italy. There really were a lot of pigeons/doves. Honest. It was crazy! I loved it!

Margaret Hurst



Watercolor on paper ~Despina