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graphic design/Michele Bedigian


Every once in a while I like to challenge myself with a new approach on a drawing and propose a graphic that would push the envelop in one direction or another. INEVITABLY I ALWAYS learn something from the exercise. This was a reportage drawing where I attempted to complete the “big picture” by simply using brief lines with similar weight, dashes and dots. To doodle or not to doodle? … that is the question, lol – Michele

A brief follow up; This tiny exercise led to a series of poster designs commissioned by a private client for a NYC law firm. Never underestimate where curiosity can lead you. Happy hunting!

“It’s Not Today…”


“It’s not tomorrow, it’s the next day after tomorrow?” Planning always involves a ton of logistics. Even from the mind of the baby’s four year old sister.—Dominick

Giraffa Camelopardalis



Ink studies by Eddie Peña

People and their Environment Workshop


If you will be in Scranton, Pennsylvania this Saturday, March 7th, please come by to the Artists for Art gallery for a day of art! This drawing, above, is one of about 25 pieces of reportage illustration that I will be exhibiting at the gallery, along with art by the talented illustrators Chris Spollen and Kevin McClosky. Chris Spollen will be conducting a hands-on workshop from 10 am to 1 pm, and I will be leading a reportage workshop: People in Environment, from 3:15 to 6:15. There will be an artist talk by Tim Butler from 2 -3 pm.

The opening of the Artists for Art exhibition is tomorrow evening, March 6, from 6 – 9pm.

So if you’re nearby, come on out!

Thanks to Ted Michalowski for his help making this exhibition happen.

posted by Veronica

Man on Subway


A really quick drawing of a man on the subway. Decided not to take a manspreading picture and make a drawing instead! Always fun to make a drawing!!!

Margaret Hurst

Against the Wall

Despina Georgiadis Mixed Media Illustration

Here is a drawing of a model against a brick wall. Mixed Media.


Just Bee

Bee in ink and guoache

My son kept talking about beehives and bees yesterday. It reminded me of a series of ‘Bee as symbol’ poster designs I had worked on. Here’s one…

Greg Betza ©2015

A New England neighbor


I missed the incredible opportunity to visit and draw Mystic Seaport last weekend with the Dalvero Academy. So “in spirit” I thought I’d post a Sunday morning reportage drawing I did in a beautiful New England neighboring town last fall. – Michele

Drawing of Newport Harbor, Rhode Island

Some Old Color


Seems like forever ago that this drawing was done. In dog years I guess it was. At the conclusion of the Tour de France in Paris, many moons ago. For some reason it felt appropriate to post something so warm and outdoors like, with next weeks forecast calling for a day in the low 50s. After the snow on Sunday of course.—Dominick

The Violinist























A page out of the sketch book.

Study of a violinist. Pencil.

Eddie Peña

The Morgan in the Snow



As Despina pointed out so beautifully on Tuesday, this past weekend we were at Mystic Seaport with the Dalvero Academy. The seaport was so beautiful in the snow on Sunday, and it was so dreamlike to see the masts of the Charles W. Morgan, anchored at Chubb’s Wharf, peeking over the tops of the trees and buildings in the distance. I love the high key color of a snowy New England day – perfect for painting.

posted by Veronica

Red Tree Hands


These are some hand drawings from a little ways back. When I finished drawing them I realized that they looked like trees. They were supposed to be hands united, which could also represent trees. Trees do so much for us, so, yeah, Red Tree Hands! United!

Margaret Hurst

Frozen River

frozen mystic river

Down by the river drawing in the snow and the slush and the cold with Dalvero Academy. Pen and watercolor. ~Despina


ink illustration by Greg Betza

I drew some burlesque models at the Society of Illustrators last Thursday. Very colorful and fun costumes. I’ll post the rest of the session on my blog soon.


Ahhhhh … practicing play

Still life with mixed medium/Michele Bedigian

 A few months back I started collecting my son’s artwork that was too much to archive and decided to recycle it by drawing on it myself to see what would happen. It’s an interesting process…for his marks, lines and graphics typically determine mine. The brightest joy in it is seeing where it leads and the look on his face when he sees me playing with his crayons.

Above is one such drawing I did this morning. After a late night of dinner last night and neglecting to clear the counter of the wine glasses … I thought “why not draw them?” – Michele

Even I Am Cold


I do not shy away from my love of winter. And snow. And the cold. I should. I get dirty looks most of the time. And while I don’t long for Spring just yet, I do have to say, holy crap even I am cold. I worried when I left for California that I would miss this small window of snow and cold that we sometimes get in New York. With weeks before the next snow, mild winter days making the new year soggy and oh so heavy. Nope, just cold this year. And I haven’t seen the ground since I left for California. Not sure if there is grass under the snow or not anymore. Small snow gnomes may have replaced it with some new turf by now. They have had all the time in the world to work. As I look back at the trip, I remember when the weather broke on my way out to Los Angeles. We woke up to 3 inches of snow on the car in Arizona. The trees are Arizona trees. The ground is Arizona snow covered ground. OK, it was Flagstaff, we were up high, it wasn’t the desert, but still. Funny to think that as we found the very end of Old Route 66 on the Arizona span, I remember having the thought that this may be the most snow I may see all season.—Dominick

Mexican Market








Pencil and Ink drawing of a Mexican Market.

Eddie Peña


vl_mulan_paradeI love parades. I love drawing them: So much excitement and fun, since there is usually great music involved. Dancing and drawing simultaneously is just about the best high I can imagine.

Anyway, this is a drawing I made of a parade in MGM studios in DisneyWorld when I was a student, about a hundred years ago I guess. LOL! I came across it recently while looking for another drawing (which I still haven’t found!) I kind of like the energy and playfulness of this, and thought it would be fun to post today. Nice way to brighten up a cold February day in the city.

by Veronica


Chambered Nautilus

























Ink study of a Chambered Nautilus.

By Eddie Peña


vl_pelicansJust a couple of pelicans sitting around, catching a breeze along the Florida coast.

These birds have such personality: they’re too cool.

posted by Veronica