Thanksgiving blessings


The moment always seems to arrive sooner than expected. But that is life. I’ve actually planned for this post for some time. I wasn’t expecting the snow, for which I am always thankful for, so the color and the subject might be out of place for those in southern New York or on the East coast today, but as the autumn enters its final month there were a few last moments to be captured. A blanket of snow before December is rare, though it has happened a few times in the last couple of years. I am thankful for all of those moments that we don’t usually get while life is moving along. I am warm and safe and I am thankful for that. Not everyone is today and we must always remember that. I am thankful for my family and friends and the moments we will share in the coming month or two that will hopefully remind us that we need to get together more throughout the year. I am thankful for all of the interruptions that keep me grounded each day. I am thankful that I share this life with people I love and look forward to seeing over the coming season. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.—Dominick

Fantasyland Carousel


A caran d’ache and pen and ink drawing of the Fantasy Land carousel at Disney World.

Margaret Hurst

7 virtues at the Met

7 virtues by Despina GeorgiadisThis time of year, and all year.

Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, Faith, Charity, Hope, Justice -Despina


Plaza hotel reportage by Greg Betza

Back in 2003-04 I spent a considerable amount of my free time walking around and drawing New York City. Here is a drawing made back in July of 2003 near the Plaza Hotel.

Greg Betza ©2014

Quintessential New England

Newport,RI/Michele Bedigian

Like a town stuck in time but with the occasional hole in the space-time continuum to allow for modern touches, Newport, with its stunning harbor and bevy of old homes, is the quintessential New England town and a destination we (my family) utterly adores. Above is a page from my sketchbook during one of our visits. It’s a must see. – Michele

Morning commuters


On my way into the city the other morning I drew a few shocked souls as they entered the polar vortex.—Dominick

Indian Garden

Indian Garden by Veronica Lawlor

An Indian Garden. It was fun to play around with color, symbols, and abstract shapes.

Posted by Veronica.

Thread in a Drawing


A  drawing of Kika. I was playing around with incorporating thread into the drawing. It was fun! Would love to work with that some more!

Margaret Hurst

Hubba hubble

My son loves anything space. He is simply obsessed. So when we went to the intrepid the other day we spent some time in the Hubble exhibit and I made a quick drawing of the model of the Hubble. We were very impressed by the Enterprise space shuttle and the russian soyez. It was great timing as the very next day we got the news that a spacecraft landed on a the Rosetta comet millions and millions of miles away in space. Just amazing! ~Despina

panoramic drawing


Here is a drawing from the vault…did this one 6 or 7 years ago down in DisneyWorld, THE most fun place to draw.

©Greg Betza 2014

Rain Rain

Rain/Michele Bedigian

Last night in the city it rained and a cold rain it was. Some places even had snowflakes in their midst. Winter is here. There was something quite serene though when I stopped  to listen.  Above is a drawing I did in the Japanese pavilion at Epcot during a warm summer rain. Warm or cold, I’ll take it any day of the year. – Michele

Rain, Rain, Rain, come again and again,
In the winter, in the summer and in spring,
Come with joy, fall with happiness and go with sorrow,
Rain, Rain, Rain come again and again.

Rain, Rain, Rain come to relive earth’s pain,
Rain, Rain, Rain come to make nature happy,
Rain, Rain, Rain come to make livings happy,
Rain, Rain, Rain come again and again.

- portion of poem by Vikrah Pratap Singh

Subway Art




Subway commuters. Media: Adobe Sketch

Eddie Peña

A Great Hat


Saw this hat at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some things are just begging to be drawn! –  Veronica

Studio Model Drawing


 A drawing of the model in the studio…favorite thing to do!

M. Hurst

American Museum of Natural History

Last Friday, I visited the American Museum of Natural History, with my son James, and my great friend Jennifer.

dg_despina_dinosaurmnhDrawing by Despina

from the model

drawing from life

Been going through stacks of these old figure drawings lately. Hope to post more soon.


© 2014 Greg Betza

Grey day Thursday


A little thumbnail progressively became more than it was intended to be as shapes layered and little textures showed up as the flat, grey landscape dominated any signs of color.—Dominick

Jackson Square horse & carriage

New Orleans reportage illustration

New Orleans is really a romantic city – the jazz music, the voodoo vibe, the paddle boats, the wrought iron architecture and of course, the horse & carriages that are all over the city. The sound of horse hooves clomping down the cobblestone streets (I forgot that in the list!) really adds to the atmosphere. I did some photography of a ‘ghost tour’ while I was there, and the only truly spooky moment in the tour was when we heard the clomping of horse hooves echoing in the distance, and then the horse and carriage appeared out of the fog. But not many ghosts use them for travel around the city – they’re mainly employed by tourists and their guides. I drew this one at the stand, getting ready to leave for it’s antebellum tour of the city. P.S. The magnolia trees are everywhere, and they are very satisfying to draw! More in another week…Veronica

Napkin Grapes


A couple of napkin drawings/thumbnails for a CFNAPA job. I love thumbnailing on napkins!!!

Margaret Hurst

Model drawing


Despina Georgiadis figure drawing

I’ve been posting alot of model drawings lately-here and on my twitter account. This one was made with paint and chalk. ~Despina