Two faces of Construction

Two faces of Construction

FACES-OF-CONSTRUCTIONThese are two faces/portraits from the construction site I drew at a few years ago.  I’d like to introduce Vinny and Tuna.  Tuna’s real name is Charles, hence Charlie, hence Charlie the Tuna, hence Tuna.  Tuna is a great guy.  He gave me cardboard to sit on instead of the cold, hard sidewalk.  Vinny was pretty quiet and hard working; a very sensitive guy.  I bought him and Moose and Tuna coffee one morning and Vinny actually cried.  He said it reminded him of his Mom.

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  1. Greg

    wow. that IS sensitive! Nice portraits Marg.

  2. Veronica

    Beautiful drawings and story. There is sensitivity to be found everywhere.

  3. despina

    At my first job as a teenager, my boss was Moose. Makes me want to cry just thinking of him! There’s just something about men with nick names like that. They’re so normal, yet so special.
    I’ve love these drawings Margaret!

  4. Danielle

    I always loved that story Marg! About Vinny and Tuna! -Danielle

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