Santorini ’til Christmas!

Santorini ’til Christmas!

I can dream of Santorini ’til Christmas if I want to, why not?dg_despina_hotOIA3

Our main destination on this day was the beautiful, beautiful village of Oia. Did I mention it was beautiful? By the time we got there though, it was about 1 o’clock(that’s around the time the natives take a siesta and stay out of the sun), and HOT.

I almost don’t remember making this drawing because of how delirious I was becoming from the heat. Back at the hotel that night, I was looking through my drawing pad at the drawings of the day, and thought “when did I do that?” That sun was so strong, and there was no place to hide from it! Which was great for my first day on the island, when the only thing on my agenda was to lay by the pool. Walking around and drawing was tougher, but very, very fun as well.

This is a famous and much photographed spot on the island. The village of Oia.

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  1. Danielle

    Wow that’s so nice Despina!-xo Danielle

  2. Veronica

    This one feels like Christmas!

  3. despina

    Hey thanks Danielle, and yea, it kind of does feel like the holidays! That’s funny.

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