The Second Time Around


First, for those who were there yesterday, it was not cold. Actually, yesterday was a day at the beach. As those who were there the first time, cold was four years ago. That was the coldest day on earth that I have ever been outside. I swear. On two bibles if necessary. Yesterday, I got a little sun burned. I didn’t even put the wimpy fingerless glove on my drawing hand. The hardcore ones stayed in my pocket. I didn’t get their as early either—not sure anyone did. I haven’t looked at the crowd numbers, but it was crowded. Even if it was half of the 2009 attendance, it was crowded. Last time I was nearly in Virginia. Though my optimistic first drawing makes it look like I am a block away, in reality I was about midway in the first section of cheap seats, between the second and third jumbo-trons. I could see crowds on the stage, but people were impossible to make out. But as the sun broke through the clouds and the crowds filled in, in front and behind me, the day waiting started a moment in American history started. I’ll post all the drawings from yesterday as the week progresses. —Dominick

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  2. Julia

    Hi Dominick
    Wow, what breathtaking drawing! It’s so grand, and personal, all at once! Your writing is equally enjoyable. Look forward to more memories from your trip, thank you for this! Love, Julia

  3. Dominick

    Thanks Julia, I appreciate the comments. Wish you you could have made it down that day, it was fun. Dom

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