The Princessification of Amelia

One of the joys of my life is that I am a step-mother to three wonderful young women, and a step-grandma to one little girl named Amelia, who turned five this week. We took her to Disneyworld to become ‘princessified’ at the Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique for her 5th birthday. Here is the before and after: at left, a consultation about her hair and the dress that she chose; at right, the newly crowned Princess Amelia enters the foyer with a “bling” ringing of the bells. She really enjoyed the transformation and especially loved the clip-on earrings that came with the package. The dress lasted for about 20 minutes (it got in the way of her running around, and was itchy) but the earrings were worn every day with pride. What a fun time Neil and I had with her and her parents, Leina and Vilem.

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