The pile grows


The truth is I don’t reach for watercolor when I work most often. I use it all the time, but not really in a “pure” sense of the medium. It is usually mixed heavily with caran d’ache crayons (water soluble of course) or anything else I have in my bag at the time. So when I say the reject pile is pretty large, it is mostly because while culling for work to include in our new book, One Watercolor A Day, I found myself  having fun with the medium in a more unadulterated state. This inspired a series of studies done along the Hudson River—more often then not done from the train on my way into or out of Grand Central. The odd studio situation provides a perfect storm for watercolor.  Traveling at 70 plus miles an hour, a little nook or clearing would catch my eye and I would instantly lay some color down and start defining the shapes and details. No time for hesitation, and the accidents that happen were rather fun. While autumn provided some beautiful colors, the lingering spots in the gray winter settings were just as much fun. This little patch of orange stood out one day. And the rest of the trip was a blur.

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