Thanksgiving blessings


The moment always seems to arrive sooner than expected. But that is life. I’ve actually planned for this post for some time. I wasn’t expecting the snow, for which I am always thankful for, so the color and the subject might be out of place for those in southern New York or on the East coast today, but as the autumn enters its final month there were a few last moments to be captured. A blanket of snow before December is rare, though it has happened a few times in the last couple of years. I am thankful for all of those moments that we don’t usually get while life is moving along. I am warm and safe and I am thankful for that. Not everyone is today and we must always remember that. I am thankful for my family and friends and the moments we will share in the coming month or two that will hopefully remind us that we need to get together more throughout the year. I am thankful for all of the interruptions that keep me grounded each day. I am thankful that I share this life with people I love and look forward to seeing over the coming season. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.—Dominick

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