Oma goes to Paris

Giving Thanks in Paris/Michele Bedigian

“Oma goes to Paris” …sounds like a children’s book in the making. In reality “Oma” is a very very dear family friend who just left a few days back to visit with her son in Paris during this Thanksgiving holiday. While she was packing I spoke with her on the phone and she shared her concerns about spending an American holiday in Paris. She was so worried she wouldn’t be able to harvest the traditional fixins’ like jellied cranberry sauce.

Hmmm?? Jellied cranberry sauce in Paris?? SO, this was her solution … in all of Oma’s glorious way she shared that she resorted to smuggling it in her luggage as a kind of “insurance policy” so her Thanksgiving wouldn’t be ruined. On one hand who could blame her. On the other, Paris breathes culinary excellence at every corner. It is a global gastronomy dream. Imagine what they’d say to jellied cranberry sauce? … now that’s a children’s book in the making if I ever saw one! LOL – Happy holiday weekend! – Michele

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