As I watched the horror unfold yesterday, each second smoke poured from the roof of the cathedral I worried about the loss of even the tiniest piece of history. As the fire raged on I feared the worst like so many others. It wasn’t sinking in just yet. It couldn’t be as bad as it […]

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A drawing of singer Mac McCaughan @macmerge during a solo performance a few years ago. I’ve seen this guy a million times, this was the closest ever. I could have grabbed his guitar without moving more than a foot or two. Greg Betza ©2019

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Drawing the Board

I hadn’t come prepared for the theme of the night, but when two people at the bar were playing chess and the music filling the room was resonating out hymns of kings and queens I quickly realized that the act before me was several moves ahead of me. Arielle and Brendan produced a full set […]

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