A Different Position

A Different Position


Tuesday’s have always been an off day for me. Even in quarantine I find I am just not myself on Tuesday’s. Hence why so many posts are late in the day—or sometimes never arrive. There is a never ending list of reasons why the day takes a turn. Maybe it’s because I never had that hamburger, who knows? Today was no less an odd Tuesday. And while I had several other plans for this post, the morning didn’t really pan out the way I had hoped. I did however, spend a bit of time working on Studio 1482 needs with Veronica. As soon as we ended our call I decided on what to present above. Shortly before scanning and writing this I looked at her post from yesterday, something I don’t typically do until after I publish, finding that we were both posting from our recent Zoom drawing session with Anna Catherine. Had I not looked this monologue might have gone any of a number of different directions. I thought it funny that the image I had chosen was totally opposite of hers. No doubt—as we are all behind walls in isolation—self-protection is the rule. No doubt this sucks. But in talking with Veronica today her New York spirit got the best of me. With a foot in the country and a foot in the city, I am one who will never back away from the chance for a little solitude, but in talking with a dear friend when I CAN’T see them I am reminded how fortunate I have been to be able to gather and enjoy each others company. While the current situation could be a whole lot better, I know we can deal. Thus the different pose above. We got this. We’ll do what we have to, we’ll stand strong, but we got this. And we’ll stare down whatever comes our way, like Anna Catherine above. And then, like Veronica said, we’ll celebrate. And draw. There will be lots of drawing. Stay safe. Stay healthy.—Dominick

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Beautiful post Dominick! Made me cry. We got this is right! (Love the drawing too.)

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