A Nature Walk

A Nature Walk

I went on a nature walk today. Everything slowed down for just a little while. We put too much stress on big accomplishments—whatever that means anymore—and not enough on smaller moments. How would we get through our day without them. Without someone by our side to share them with. A neighbor, a friend, a pet, a child, or a partner—it doesn’t really matter who or for how long— could even be a phone call that gets us through the next few months. I miss being able to give a hug to someone who needs it, or shake the hand of a friend I will miss the moment they leave, but until I can again, I will lend my ear or share a story or if I am lucky follow a child as they start to make those moments for themself.—Dominick

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  1. Veronica Lawlor

    Love the drawings and sentiments Dom. Teradactyl!!

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