design in song

Mexican Mariachi/Michele Bedigian

  Years ago when I was training with my mentor weekly one of his biggest lessons was, “Design is key to any drawing. Without design there’s nothing to work with.” One could argue design is an intrical part of a drawing no matter what you do simply because it’s there. BUT, no one can deny there’s GOOD design and then there’s […]

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Israeli memoirs

Above is a collage I did  2 summers ago on the spot and completed in my hotel room after a visit to the Western Wall, (otherwise known as “The Wailing Wall“) in the Old City of Jerusalem. The experience was a lifetime dream realized and truly beyond words. p.s. Happy Birthday Mom! Art by Michele Medium: […]

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utsukushii josei

A few days back was March 8th, notably known as International Women’s Day . It’s an annual global celebration of women. Each year on this day thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate all of our incredible achievements. Let’s here it for girl power! – Michele utsukushii josei; Japanese for […]

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