Lego Reportage

During my years working as a reportage illustrator, I have drawn in many of the world’s most fantastic cities. But this reportage assignment may have just been the most fantastic of all. A few years ago, I was contacted by Matthew McNerney of RAA to work with him and the team to design dioramas for […]

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Carousel studies

thumbnail carousel/Michele Bedigian

Carousel drawings have always been a past time favorite of mine. Spring is quickly turning into summer which means the carnival will be in town soon. I just recently came across a whole sketchbook loaded with carousel drawings and thumbnails. Thought it’d be a fun page to share. – Michele

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I See Snails!

Colin MacFadyen told me about a great article in the New York Times this week, I think it was Wednesday”s edition, about a lady in California who raises snails. She knows all about them! She knows how they eat, crawl, make love and reproduce! It is a great article, definitely worth reading! It made me […]

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