Lego Reportage

During my years working as a reportage illustrator, I have drawn in many of the world’s most fantastic cities. But this reportage assignment may have just been the most fantastic of all. A few years ago, I was contacted by Matthew McNerney of RAA to work with him and the team to design dioramas for the new Lego museum that just opened in Denmark. I did a reportage of a Lego city, a Town/Country scene, and an Amusement Park! So much fun – we especially got into all the little details of story that these pieces contained. If you look at the work-in-progress detail of the City Scene (above) you’ll find restaurant row, an art deco cinema, the bat signal (nod to my years at DC Comics), a construction site (complete with an homage to the famous photo of the construction workers eating lunch), a hospital, police and fire station, a coffee shop, dock with container ships, and even a little CBGBs for the Lego mini-figs to get their punk groove on. 🙂 I put the three completed drawings on my website, you can see them here. And check out the new Lego Museum in Denmark – the World Explorer section features these dioramas and they are remarkably similar to the drawings and ideas we had three years ago, I put a photo of it below. Seems like yesterday when we were having a great time playing around with the most fun project. Thanks Matthew!

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