Superman Drawn in Motion, Twice

Superman Drawn in Motion, Twice


Yes, Superman…he came flying around the cpdsa skate circle like a bat outta hell, faster than a speeding bullet…  Draw, I said to myself, draw!  I drew.  Wow, that was cool!  Superman just came around the circle laying on his side and balancing on one leg!  Only Superman can do that I thought.  I looked up and Superman was coming around the skate circle…AGAIN!  DRAW! DRAW! I screamed to myself!  So here’s what I drew.  A twofer…how often does that happen?

BTW, I call him Superman because he had a big Superman “S” t shirt on.  He apparently is an actor on either the CSI or the Law and Order tv program.  I wonder if they’ve photographed him as Superman at the cpdsa skate circle?  That would be hott!


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  1. Michele

    Superman is spectacular!

  2. Margaret

    Thanks, Michele.
    It was fun, and the last thing I expected! Faster than a speeding bullet…

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