Had some free time over the recent holiday weekend and so I decided to do some drawings of something I don’t often draw – cars. Maybe this is stereotypical, but it seems to me that men understand cars better than women do – and of course the thought of that makes me want to understand them more! (Cars, not men.) I had some fun drawing these from a balcony in Queens – the red Jeep needed some color, couldn’t resist that red. And as you can see at the bottom right, I was trying to figure out the structure of the car. It’s basically a long box with an engine, trunk and seats inside. But some of those ‘boxes’ are shaped nicer than others…personally I like the old Jaguars; don’t  think I’d have any trouble understanding THAT car! Maybe I need to buy one so I can practice…ah yes, the sacrifices we must make for our art! ; )  – Posted by Veronica.

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  1. julia

    such sense of humor! love it!

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