stReEt cOLor

stReEt cOLor

A few months back I wrote and posted a drawing I did while standing on what’s been called the most expensive strip of real estate in Europe, La plus belle avenue du monde (”The most beautiful avenue in the world”) also known as the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France.

It got me thinking about what defines a beautiful street. Maybe it’s the buildings? or maybe it’s the people? maybe it’s a style? or even a way?

or maybe it’s simply the color of it ALL … the buildings, the people, the style AND it’s way. Whatever it is, some really do inspire.


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  1. despina

    so beautiful. i love this!

  2. Greg Betza

    absolutely beautiful Michele.

  3. michele

    for the love of color, it just took over.
    thank you.

  4. Jennifer Lawson

    I love this! Beautiful color, amazing marks, great story!

  5. Michele

    Hi Jenn,
    So great to hear from you! What a wonderful surprise. Hope all is well. Thanks for the vote of encouragement. Excited to see what you’ve been up to, (“SPF what?” is my ABSOLUTE favorite, loved ALL the girls 🙂

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