Sow today, reap tomorrow…

The idea that you can have a potential garden in a paper envelope blows my mind. It is not a garden–yet. Can you get any more life-affirming than that? I remember little baggies bursting with the promise of tiny sweet carrots from the window sill (miraculous!!), or carefully tended, never-quite mature cucumbers or flowers. And then there was the unseemly brown paste spread unimpressively onto the skin of a what infomercial-soaked Americans call “Chia pets”, but what i remember as an unbranded clay piggie… sure, it started off a bit gross, all those slimey watercress seeds on a sad, vaguely pig-like thing, but after only a few days it sprouted the most luscious coat of green fur you ever saw–soon to be harvested and proudly eaten on a cream-cheese sandwich, impossibly delicious not just because of the delicate flavor but because of the miracle of its very existence… what had turned that brown mud into this delicous food?

seed packet

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