Semiotic Society

Semiotic Society

vl_semioticsRecently I presented my MA thesis work at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America. A three day conference of people from different disciplines of learning, all discussing how semiotics – the science of signs – influences our world. There were philosophers, doctors, literary types, linguists, artists, environmentalists, psychologists, physicists, nuns, anthropologists – you name the discipline, they were there. Listening to all the papers being presented, I became convinced even more of the importance of illustration and the role it will play in this increasingly visual world of communication. I drew Myrdene Anderson, former president of the society, in my notebook while she was lecturing. She is a professor at Purdue University, an anthropologist, linguist, avid researcher, professional learner and an all around extremely intelligent and lovely person. She ran an all day symposium about trash – the different kinds, physical, mental, emotional – and the different signs and sign-systems we develop for dealing with trash. I felt privileged to be able to attend the conference and hear all the ideas flying around – what a great experience. – Veronica

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  1. michele

    That conference/experience sounds like it was incredible! You inspire.

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