Power OUT in Downtown Manhattan

Power OUT in Downtown Manhattan

Hurricane Sandy has blown through and taken a beating on my beloved New York City. This was the scene at Avenue D and 11th Street on Friday morning, it looked like a refugee camp. People lined up for a hot meal, food, blankets, diapers, anything you could need. Local fire hydrants were opened up and people were collecting water in pails and washing vegetables on the street corner. The park drawn above is across the street from a public housing project. People in the projects were hardest hit, as most of the people living there have no friends or relatives living uptown that they could stay with for the duration of the outage.

Fortunately the power is back on in Manhattan as of this morning, but many areas of New York City are still without power. Breezy Point, the Rockaways, and Staten Island were very badly hit. Long Island is suffering. New Jersey is in serious trouble -the shore was hammered and Hoboken is just now getting out from under the floods. And the NY subway tunnels were flooded as well, creating major 1/2 mile long lines for the buses out to Brooklyn on Friday night.

Sending love out to all my fellow New Yorkers and our New Jersey neighbors. Please help readers, any way you can.

posted by Veronica Lawlor

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  1. Orling Dominguez

    I see photos from the site on Jersey City downtown, where I used to live and I don’t recognize it, unbelievable!

    My heart is with NY, my second home! Love the drawing, as always 🙂

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