New York City

New York City

New York is a great city. I was afraid of it when I saw it for the first time many, many years ago: it was soooo tall! I grew to love it over the years I’ve been living here. I have always maintained that New York City is it’s own country. What don’t we have? This is a mix of various city landmarks that I drew and put together. Some of my favs: Atlas from Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station and, of course, a New York city yellow cab!

I love New York and we will get through the Sandy aftermath, together.

Margaret Hurst

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  1. Hazel McNab

    Hi just found your blog, love the drawings. I’m doing a heart a day No.264 today. It’s a great challenge isn’t it xx

  2. Margaret

    Yes! Passion and honesty on a daily basis! 264, great!

  3. Caroline Lips

    Hi, I’m just about to buy the book it looks amazing wanting to get stuck in from London. Best wishes to anyone affected by the super storm keep the faith and the creativity flowing! Xx

  4. Margaret

    Hi Caroline- Thanks for the good wishes! Everyone is doing their best to deal with the aftermath of Sandy. Will definitely keep the creativity going! Thanks!

  5. Margaret

    Thanks for buying the book, Caroline!

  6. Orling Dominguez

    oh, i love these mix of landmarks from NY. I always tell my friends who are planing on visiting NY to walk around it always looking up, there is so much hidden in the details of these buildings….
    Nice to hear you are safe after Sandy. Love!


  7. Margaret

    Hi Orling!
    Yes, looking up in New York is a gift! So many beautiful stories up there in the clouds:) Everyone I know is okay, most people have electricity back, except my sister in New Jersey. Luckily they have no damage to their house.
    Now we have a storm coming this week- oy!

    Good to hear from you-
    Love Marg xo

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