Peace be with you

Peace be with you

Easter Sunday/Michele BedigianOMG! it was nearly 6:10 this morning when my children came running into the room with chocolate on the brain begging to see if the Easter bunny “just happened to drop anything off for them” (since they’ve been so ridiculously well behaved this past week concerned about a shortage in sweets if they did anything but sneeze, lol).

Yet as early as it was I wouldn’t have changed a thing. To see the bliss in their face after a heavenly bite off a bunny’s ear was magical (and NO I wouldn’t allow chocolate that early any other day of the year).

So as the rest of the world (who honors the day) begins to awaken and prepare for the feast let it be known … wishing you all a happy, blessed day! Shall we never live in fear. Whether today is your holiday or not, please take a moment to pray for the 148 victims killed in Kenya this week for simply believing in GOD. It is a painful reality to know there are some who cannot live and let live. Peace be with us all. – Michele

Drawing of St.Patricks Cathedral in New York City

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