Parisian Flower Shop

Parisian Flower Shop

vl_parisian_flower_shopWhile strolling around Paris last weekend, Neil and I came across this lovely flower shop. So Parisian – a wrought iron cage surrounding beautiful fragrant blooms. And it was somebody’s birthday, so there was a little party going on inside. It reminded me of a Renoir. So lovely.

Every time I return from Europe, I’m determined to bring some of that European lifestyle home with me to New York City. Let’s see if it works this time…

posted by Veronica

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  1. Danielle Sladek

    So pretty Ron and romantic. Sigh. Haha yes I always try to bring some of that lifestyle back! Hope it works for you this time! xo-dan

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Danielle! I’m trying…I’m trying… 🙂

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