Just like home


It is hard to explain the differences in how it felt to enter the park in Disneyland. I only had a day on a recent vacation to California, and I it wasn’t all for me. Kids apparently love the place too. Go figure. Unlike my children, I didn’t step foot into a Disney park until I was in my early twenties, and that was to draw, in Florida. They, like all the other kids in the park, wanted to go on rides and spend time with the characters. And they wanted treats, and ice cream, and every toy in every store we passed. When I finally got a chance to draw I only had a little while before the sun went down and I could barely see my paper. Sleeping Beauty’s castle was amazing. You felt Walt Disney everywhere. It was hard to leave as the crowd filled in around me for the fireworks, but I managed to find a well lite place and got a treat of my own. The best root beer float’s are made in Disneyland. But I think the best of everything happens in Disneyland.—Dominick

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