Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers


In the Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld, there is an Indian prayer tree. The tradition is that people tie ribbons or bits of fabric to the tree, to represent a wish or prayer. When that prayer is answered, the person puts a bell on the tree. The sound of the bells tinkling represents all the answered prayers. What a beautiful thought. So many times my prayers have been answered, and almost never in the way I could have envisioned or expected. Yet when it happens, it seems like it was totally meant to be. Think I’ll put some bells up in the studio to remind me…

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  1. Julia

    Oh wow. Ronnie. Brings tears to my eyes. This is so very beautiful.

  2. Veronica

    Thank you Julia. You’re such a romantic. 🙂

  3. Linda Spence Christman

    Oh you captured it so wonderfully! I took a picture of them when I was there…..I found it beautiful as well.
    I have so many answered prayers as well.

  4. Veronica

    Thank you Linda, it’s nice to be reminded of our answered prayers every once in a while.

  5. Julia

    Aha, Look who’s talking…:)

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