From the Archives

From the Archives

Each weekend Studio 1482 will be featuring posts from the One Drawing A Day archives. Today’s post is by Dominick Santise, from back in 2016. It’s titled “Into the Unknown.”



When I was a young boy I could often be found wandering the forest beyond the edges of our little hill top neighborhood. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, often as the leader, but also as the follower, we explored every deer hideaway, creek, swamp, and mountain peak we came across. We journeyed across the western frontier in our long and lingering days, at least before supper. Whispers of the shed in the woods were echoed by those who ventured before me. It was not until the trails were mine did I ever close enough, fearing who built it there, curious if they had abandoned if or if they would return, and when. I stayed away for years and always wondered what would happen if I knocked on the door.—Dominick

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