GAP and the Liberty Tree

GAP and the Liberty Tree

On one of my many trips to Disney World to draw/reportage, I was sitting in Liberty Square at The Magic Kingdom. I had previously looked up the Liberty Tree to see what kind of a symbol it was.  Apparently the idea of a Liberty Tree came about in 1765 with “The Sons of Liberty” patriots in Boston.  They were protesting the imposition of the Stamp Act on them by the British.  So the Stamp Act was about stamped paper, stamp revenue and inalienable rights, a “knowledge tax.”  It was all about taxing paper in the colonies. I thought it was ironic that the tax was all about paper and that paper is made from trees and that the protests were held under the Liberty Tree.  Merchants, landowners and local protest groups were behind the protests.  Almost every American town subsequently had a Liberty Tree.  It is the living symbol of the American Freedom of Speech and Assembly.

It can be said that the Stamp Act protest was the impetus for the American Revolution to come.   So, when I was sitting there looking at it I wondered what it would be like to create an ad campaign for a “merchant.”  I decided it would be fun to make the campaign for GAP.  This is the first few drawings I made to begin the visuals for the campaign.

There will be more next week!

GAP: the people have spoken!

Margaret Hurst

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