Dr. John

Dr. John


A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend a performance by the great blues singer, Dr. John, at a small venue in the East 60’s in Manhattan. There he was in all his purple velvet glory, belting them out in a little chic enclave with tapestry wallpaper and crystal chandeliers. I loved the contrast! Dr. John is a fantastic performer, my favorite song he regaled us with that night goes something like this: “How come my dog don’t bark when YOU come around?” Ha ha – that’s great stuff!!! – Veronica

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  1. Maureen

    Hi Ronnie, I am going to see Dr. John tonight- I LOVE that song, How Come My Dog Don’t Bark, there are a lot of versions down in NOLA, but Dr. John’s is my favorite, I have not been lucky enough to hear him perform it in person (yet),but he has a vast repetoire.

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