Prairie still life

Prairie still life

Prairie essentials

I have always loved anything Americana (revealing, of course, my origin from outside, where the myth shines more enticingly. This is a still life composed of some farm life essentials--bales of cloth, an iron, soapflakes, and a vessel that looks like it might have been doubling as an umbrella-stand and door-holder for ninety years before geing dragged to the Antiques Roadshow for Show & Tell. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie (not the books, of course, it's America after all, but the Michael Landon tv series, which i adored as a child. So there you have me in nutshell-- Wonder Woman, Little house on the prairie, Magritte and the Met--c'est moi 🙂

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  1. Margaret

    I read all the Little House series when I was in third grade. I loved them!
    And, I just recently saw a comic book drawing of Wonder Woman’s birth……her mother made her out of clay. Her mom was holding her up while little bits of clay were dropping off her,(WW). Who knew? It’s funny what we are drawn to…pun intended!

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