John J. Harvey

John J. Harvey


The fireboat John J. Harvey erupted in showers of water as it escorted the Quadricentennial flotilla into Newburgh Bay in June, pulling along the docks in Newburgh. The crowd returned with cheers of excitement and applause. I had no idea what I was looking at, but I figured she was another in the long line of historical boats from New York. Turns out the John J. Harvey is listed on The National Register of Historic Places (pdf) and has served the City of New York for over 70 years, even after being decommissioned in 1995 and slated for the scrap heap. Jessica DuLong, tells of her life as one of the world’s only female fireboat engineers in her new book, My River Chronicles.

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  1. despina

    i love this Dominick! beautiful

  2. Dominick

    Thanks Despina, it was a fun day.

  3. Dave NYC

    I’ve had the wonderful good fortune of being on board the Harvey went it let loose with its cannons on both the Hudson and in New York harbor. Its hard to believe that something that looks so beautiful was so important to the safety and security of the waterfront for so long in the last century. The drawing here captures its power and beauty

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