Date: 09/09/09

A date is a measure of time. It’s a way to gauge where we are, where we’ve been and dream of where we’re going. Today is the ninth day of the ninth month in two thousand and nine and I’d bet a dollar (or two) that there are places in the world right now as you read this that are taking that detail very seriously. According to my symbol book – the number Nine is an ‘incorruptible’ number, (composed of the all-powerful 3  x 3 ). It symbolizes completion; fulfilment; attainment; beginning and end; the whole; earthly heaven.

So how does this geometrical detail in divine proportions relate to art and what does it mean? Maybe in a sense, it defines it – where we are, where we’ve been and where we dream of going. There’s a quote by my teacher’s teacher, Rico LeBrun that has for years left an indelible impression on my art and one I think says it best. He said, Someday when I understand more things than I do now, the fundamentals of my drawing will be so tightly woven into those of existence that I will easily and naturally find the design which is the answer to many questions. Meanwhile, I draw continuously.”  – Amen. Could it be said any better? … May creativity rule on this very special day of nines!

– Michele

MB_nursing elephant9_9_09 copy

Drawing of a mother elephant feeding her young while the matriarch quietly watched over them a short distance away

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  1. Greg

    Great quote and nice sensitive line. love it.

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