Day 28: Recipe for Bitter Melon

Day 28: Recipe for Bitter Melon

Here is a recipe for Bitter Melon that was given to me by a Pakistani cab driver as we made our way over the Kosciuszko bridge in Queens.
I was telling him that I was going to make brussel sprouts with orange peel for Christmas, and he asked if I had ever tried bitter melon. He said it was a great healthy food, that was good for cleansing the liver. I was intrigued, and after a few questions he had offered me the recipe. Even told me where I could purchase it in Jackson Heights – at a store called Subzi Mandi.
This experience is just another one of the many reasons I love NYC – it’s diversity and friendly people.

1 bitter melon – choose one that has light green skin and big warts
½ tbs coriander
black pepper, turmeric and salt to taste

Cut the bitter melon into cubes. (If you prefer, you can scrape off the outer peel with a paring knife – it is edible, but has a rough texture.)
Sauté in olive oil, with a small chopped onion and chopped garlic cloves (one or two to taste.)
Add coriander, turmeric, black pepper and salt, and cook until melon is tender.
Serve and eat!
Simple, huh? The taxi driver said that it is a personal taste decision whether or not to leave the skin on the bitter melon when you cube it. He liked it, but I think I’ll try this dish first without the tough skin. (Actually I’m going to see if my husband Neil wants to try making it – he is a great cook, and always looking for something new.)
Art by Veronica Lawlor.
Exercise in Book: Harvest Time, p 76/77



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