Day 27: A Stocked Fridge

Day 27: A Stocked Fridge

Belonging to a CSA has its perks throughout the growing season, but when I went into the crisper to grab something to draw I didn’t know just how good I had it. There was an endless bounty— peppers, radishes, squash, a pumpkin and even a watermelon—literally right there ready for me. I just needed a bowl and a plan for what to cook when I was done. I had more color out around me than I realized with dust flying through the air. As I was finishing up, one critic pointed out, “so, you were going for how the vegetables feel, not how they actually look.” I didn’t offer them any dinner that night.
Art by Dominick Santise.
Exercise in Book: Bowl of Veggies, p 74/75



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