Bubble Man and Bubble Chasers

Bubble Man and Bubble Chasers

Bubble-Chase-Final-9_09The Bubble Man hangs out in different places around the city, so it was great to see him in Central Park.  I had a little conversation with him and he said he loves doing it because of the expressions on the faces of the children when they finally pop a bubble.  Ironically, he loves creating the bubbles and the kids love bursting them…it’s a perfect combination/situation!  The Bubble Man looks like he’s leading an orchestra.  He reminds me of Igor Stravinsky in Walt Disney’s, Fantasia.  It’s actually not that easy to create the bubbles, so he really does a great job of it.  The kids have the best time.  It’s wonderful to watch them teetering on their toes, running after giant bubbles and then sticking their fingers in them.  Great fun!

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  1. Veronica

    Hey Marg – I’ve seen this guy too! What a fun drawing, love the kids! – Ron

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